Safari Can’t Find Server – What Does This Mean?

Safari Cannot Find The Server

We all have our preference for the browser we use on our PC. While some choose chrome, some can’t get over their love for safari. Safari browser is currently the most secure and light browser. Moreover, it comes with hardware-level acceleration, which indicates that this is one of the best browsers. But what can be done when safari can’t find server?

Suppose your safari is not connected to the internet. In that case, there are possible reasons that could cause that, such as bad Wi-fi connection, unstable internet connection/server, DNS settings, and software problems on your PC.

There are more reasons your safari will fail to connect to the internet that you should not lose your breath on. We will discuss all problems and possible solutions to them on this page. So relax and read through this article for a solution to your problem.

Safari Cannot Find The Server – What Does This Mean?

It means your browser finds it hard to connect to the internet. There are many reasons for this, and before you can provide a solution, you need to know the reasons. Once you know why your safari fails to find the server, you can then find it easy to fix.

Safari Cannot Find The Server

The Safari Cannot Find the Server error appears when using the Safari Web browser on Mac and iOS devices. This error occurs because the server cannot be accessed, so a problem is preventing it from being reached by the user.

Also, the most common reasons for this problem are incorrectly spelled website addresses, damaged bookmarks or history list entries, Internet connection problems, DNS server failure, or faulty proxy settings. This means that website addresses must be entered correctly when typing in a URL to visit.

Why Does Safari Keep Saying Can’t Find A Server?

If your safari keeps saying you can’t find a server, there could be many reasons for it, and some of reasons are discussed below:

Why Does Safari Keep Saying Can't Find A Server

Internet connectivity issue:

If you can’t connect to the Internet, Safari’s error page will say, “Can’t find a server.” If that happens, chances are either your computer isn’t connected to the Internet, or you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you are using a wireless Internet connection, try resetting your wireless router to get a cleaner signal. If using an Ethernet connection, try switching to a wireless connection and see if the Safari problems persist.

The use of VPN:

One of the many reasons your safari will fail to connect to the server is because the Virtual Private Network is on, which could affect the connection. The best way to get through the issue is to first switch off the VPN and then try to reconnect to the server. Most times, it works this way.

DNS settings issue:

If Safari keeps saying “Can’t find a server” or only displays websites masking info instead of the real address, there is probably a conflict with your DNS settings. The best way to fix this is to check the DNS settings and fix it before you try to reconnect.

Cookies and cache:

If you have trouble loading websites, your cache and cookies may be a problem. A website’s cache and cookies are useful for storing information, but they can cause several problems.

If you find that Safari is suddenly extremely slow or not loading anything, the first thing you should do is to clear your cache and cookies.

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Safari Can’t Find Server: How to Fix?

It takes a simple effort to solve your safari issue by not finding a server. However, each of the methods below will help you solve the issue.

Clear cookies and cache:

If Safari is displaying a message that says, “Safari can’t find the server” or “Safari can’t find the page,” you may be able to fix this problem by clearing your cookies and cache.

Update operating system:

If you’re having problems with Safari, it’s probably because your computer is behind on its software updates. This can happen as software companies continually improve their applications, and your computer needs updated code to run them. So, updating your computer operating system will do lots of good.

Fix your firewall issues:

If your firewall and antivirus software interfere with your Safari browser, it may not find any servers. It can cause a variety of issues with web pages and browsing. To fix this, you’ll need to check your firewall settings and see if Safari is listed as one of the applications allowed to connect to the network.

If it is not listed, add it there and know that the configuration varies depending on the firewall or antivirus program you are using.

Check internet connectivity:

If Safari isn’t working, make sure your Internet connection is stable. You need to ensure you have an Internet connection: Your Internet service should be active, and the icon in the menu bar should look like a cable connection. Reconnect your device to your wireless carrier if you are using a cellular network.

If all the methods to connect do not seem to work, try with another browser, and if another browser works, then the problem is likely to be with the safari and not the internet connection. You might consider updating the safari to see if it fixes the problem.


Safari web browser is an amazing revolutionary web browser that creates a new and unique browsing experience for users. Safari offers the best way to browse your favorite content fast, thanks to its powerful search capabilities and many more.

As good as it is, one can encounter several problems with it, and one of them is the failure to connect to the internet. So, this page on safari can’t find server to express all you need to know about the likely problems, the reason, and how you can fix the issue.

When using safari, you should not feel discouraged whenever you encounter an issue with delay or interruption in internet connection. We have got you covered here.

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