How Do I Get a TruConnect Replacement Phone?

TruConnect is a free phone service that allows you to make and receive calls, text messages, and make video and voice calls. The service makes life pleasant for those who couldn’t afford phones from other services. However, the unexpected can happen, which can result in the loss or damage of the phone. Therefore, you need to get a replacement, and this post on how do I get a TruConnect Replacement Phone covers all you need to know.

If you want to get a new TruConnect phone, you can do so by contacting the company and requesting a replacement. You’ll need to contact them in person, if possible, and tell them about your problem.

The company will then give you an address and phone number for where to send your old phone. They will also tell you the kind of replacement phone they can offer you or if there is a specific model that works best for you and your needs.

If there isn’t a particular model that works best for you, they will tell you which one is most likely to work with the device that you have currently installed on your phone line.

Is Truconnect A Government Phone?

Yes, TruConnect is a government phone. It’s an Android phone that is used by the military and other government agencies. It’s a great phone for anyone who needs a reliable phone to use on a daily basis but doesn’t want to pay the price tag that comes with it. If you’re looking for a good deal on a reliable phone, TruConnect might just be what you’re looking for.

Is Truconnect A Government Phone

TruConnect is a free phone program that provides access to basic phone services, including voicemail and 911 services. It’s available to low-income households in the United States who qualify for assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and are enrolled in Medicaid.

One of the goods of TruConnect’s free phone service is that it gives people the platform to connect with friends and family on a low budget.

How Do I Get a TruConnect Replacement Phone?

If you by any means misplace your TruConnect phone or it gets damaged, then you can request a replacement. However, not everyone knows the right way to do this, and this post will guide you on that.

If you have the phone defected as a result of user error, you will have to pay for replacement even if it is within the warranty period of 90 days. However, if the fault is not from you, you are getting a replacement for free.

How Do I Get a TruConnect Replacement Phone

To get a replacement, you need to do this:

Call customer care at (800) 430-0443. And they are always available within the hour of 5 am to 9 pm on Monday to Saturday.

Once you put the call through or chat, you will get the proceeding on how you can get your replacement phone.

How To Apply For Truconnect Phone?

If you want to apply for a TruConnect phone, here is what you need to do.

How To Apply For Truconnect Phone

  • Step 1: You need to gather the right documents. I will discuss all the documents that you need after this section.
  • Step 2: Visit the TruConnect website and move to the application page

visit the TruConnect website and move to the application page

  • Step 3: Enter your Zip code and your preferred email address and click on the apply now button
  • Step 4: Enter your details on the page of the TruConnect lifeline application form
  • Step 5: Give answers to all the security questions
  • Step 6: Attach any of the requested paperwork
  • Step 7: Submit the form and wait for TruConnect’s verdict on the application.

Documents That Are Required For The Application

There are documents you need to be eligible for the TruConnect free phone, just as said above. So, here are some you need in different categories.

Personal documents

This category is where you have to attach documents that show your identity. It has to be paperwork that covers your valid name, date of birth, SSN, and others. Some of the personal documents are:

  • Driving license
  • Utility bill
  • Birth certificate
  • Government-issued ID

Income documents

The TruConnect free phone is for low-income earners, and one way to get to know you are eligible is by submitting your income documents. Some of the income documents are:

  • Paycheck stub
  • Pension statement of benefits
  • Unemployment compensation or worker statement of benefits
  • Current income statement
  • Social security statement of benefits

Program documents

  • Some program documents you need to be eligible for the TruConnect free phone include:
  • SSI award letter
  • Medicaid approval letter
  • Tribal head start benefits verification letter
  • Federal pell grant school documentation
  • Federal public housing assistance statement of benefits

How To You Know If You Qualify For Truconnect Free Phone

There are two ways to verify your eligibility the first is through the ACP program, and the second is the lifeline.

Lifetime eligibility

For you to be eligible for the TruConnect free phone service using the lifetime program, you need to be a low-income earner. Your earnings must be below 135% of the federal poverty guideline. However, you can still qualify if you receive help from any of the following below:

  • Tribal head start
  • Medicaid
  • Food distribution programs on Indian reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance
  • Supplemental security income
  • The low-income home energy assistance program
  • Veterans’ survivor pension fund

ACP eligibility

If you are applying for the TruConnect phone through the ACP program, then you have to come from a household that has a total income below 200% of the federal poverty guideline.

TruConnect Replacement Phone List

There is a list of phones for those who have had Truconnect replaced and are looking to get the same phone again. The list contains a list of phones that can be replaced with a TruConnect replacement phone. Here is the list below:

  • Blu C5L 2020
  • NUU F4L Flip Phone
  • NUU A7L
  • LG Aristo 3 Plus
  • LG Aristo 3
  • Nokia 5.4
  • Motorola G Power (2021)
  • Motorola G Fast
  • Blu G50 Plus
  • NUU X6P
  • Motorola Moto E6
  • Motorola E
  • Motorola G Play (2021)
  • LG K31
  • LG K51
  • Samsung Galaxy A21
  • Motorola G Power
  • Motorola G Stylus
  • Motorola G Stylus (2021)
  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Blu C6L 2020
  • Alcatel Go Flip 3
  • Nokia 1.3
  • LG Stylo 6
  • LG Q70
  • Google Pixel 3a XL
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Google Pixel 4a 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Motorola Edge 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • OnePlus 8 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  • Nokia 8.3 5G
  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini
  • Google Pixel 5 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • OnePlus 8 Pro 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
  • Apple iPhone 12 Max
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
  • Motorola RAZR 5G

What Is The Difference Between Trueconnect Replacement Phone And Upgrade Phone?

There’s a big difference between TruConnect replacement and upgrade phones.

TruConnect replacement phones are for customers who have already purchased a phone from TrueConnect and want to replace their old phone with the new model.

A true replacement phone is a new phone that’s exactly the same as your old one with the same number and everything. It’s identical in every way except for color and design.

An upgraded phone is a new phone that has more features than the one you have now, but it’s not necessarily better than what you have now. It’ll include more memory and processing power where applicable, but not necessarily better call quality or faster internet speed.

Anyone can upgrade his/her phone, but this option is only available if your current phone is no longer functional and/or has reached its service limit.


If you are in need of a free phone and your question has been how do I get a TruConnect replacement phone, we have the right answer for you on this page. However, as much as the service is free, you need to be qualified for the program to earn it.

On this page, I have discussed all the information about the eligibility criteria, documents, and other things you need to get approved.

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