Using Company Wi-Fi On Personal Phone – Trouble Free

Using Company Wi-Fi On Personal Phone

The maximum employees of a company have a tendency to use the company Wi-fi on Personal Phone. We are not against Using Company Wi-Fi on Personal phones, but before that you have to know some unknown facts.

Before connecting your personal phone to company Wi-Fi, you should keep in mind that the authority has the right to monitor your internet activity, since there are a couple of things related to it, like your productivity, security of the company, network performance issues, and so on.

It is Ok to connect your phone to company Wi-Fi if you are allowed, but if not, then it may impacts on your job, sometimes, you may get fired because breaking the company law. So, first of all you have to know If your company allows you to connect to Company Wi-Fi, or not.

However, in this write up, we have demonstrated what things you should contemplate while using company Wi-Fi on your personal phone, and how you can use company Wi-Fi without getting in any trouble, and a lot more.

The Impact of Using Company Wi-Fi On Personal Phone

There are a lot more companies where using company Wi-Fi on personal phone is not allowed, or restricted because of security concern mostly. Apart from that, when an employee use too much internet at the working place, it impacts on the productivity. In this section of the write-up, we have discussed the possible impact of Using Company Wi-Fi on Personal phones.

Using Company Wi-Fi On Personal Phone

1. Reduce The Productivity

Don’t forget that you are appointed to work in your company because of giving your best service. Depending on the productivity, a company make profit, and run smoothly. So, if your productivity decreases, it will impact the company’s profit as well.

Reduce The Productivity

Nowadays, the maximum number of employees of a company are addicted to social media, and browsing the internet without any reason, and they do it in their workplace.

Even they use different social media sitting on the workstation connected to office Wi-Fi which is illegal in regard to some company policy, as it reduces the productivity of an employee to a great extent.

2. Network Performance Issue

A company needs a reliable and smooth internet connection for several purposes like sending or receiving email, attending online meetings, communicating with buyers, and many more.

Network Performance Issue

If a number of employees connect to office Wi-Fi, and surf the internet simultaneously, it may congest the office internet and create network performance issues that will interrupt completing many tasks that are related to internet speed.

We are not saying that it is completely prohibited to use company Wi-Fi on personal phones, but you have to use it for legal purposes, and when you really need it. Then it won’t create network performance issues.

3. Increase The Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity risk is the principal reason why most companies don’t want their employees to use company Wi-Fi. A company holds a lot of information about their clients, and it’s a responsibility to keep their data & information secure.

Increase The Cybersecutity Risk

So, when you browse the internet, and visit sites or apps , you don’t know whether you can be infected by malware or not, that can be the reason for losing data of your company that takes your company to the Cybersecurity risk.

To keep things in mind, you have to surf the internet, or visit apps using company Wi-Fi.

Things To Consider When Using Company Wi-Fi

There are a number of things that you should contemplate before connecting to office Wi-Fi.

Don’t Visit To The Streaming Sites

If you love to watch movies or tv series, it’s good, and good; but, that doesn’t mean you have to watch on your personal phone connected to office Wi-Fi even when you are at the office. It is simple to track your internet activity when you connect to office Wi-Fi even if you connect it on your personal phone. So, don’t do these types of activities at the office using office Wi-Fi.

Don’t Send Personal Email From Your Phone Using Office Email

When you send or receive email using your work computer, your employer can definitely monitor what message you receive and send, because most of the companies use employee monitoring software like Tamarind, Hub staff, ACTIVE Track, and more that provide live screen view of employees’ computers.

They can even track your email history if you use the email provided by the office on your personal phone or computer, because they have access to their provided email. So, before connecting to office Wi-Fi, be aware of sending personal email to anyone. Otherwise, you may get in trouble.

Don’t Use Email With Company Network

This is one of the most complicated things that you have to understand clearly. When you use a private device like a mobile phone or laptop to send and receive email using a company email address, your email activities can be monitored even if you are not connected with company Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, if you use your own Email connecting to the company Wi-Fi, your activities will be seen if  the network is being monitored. It is possible by installing a network monitoring solution that is now used by several companies.

Don’t Use Social Media Connecting to Company Wi-Fi

The majority of employees are addicted to using social media at their workplace, and most of them do it using company Wi-Fi. We think they are not aware of being monitored by the company.

When you use social media to chat, send and receive photos, and videos, all the things can be seen by the authorities through network monitoring software.

If you are so addicted to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or many more, and use them to connect to office Wi-Fi, stop doing this right now.

Final Thought

When you surf the internet using company Wi-Fi, you may get monitored by, and they will be able to track your activities that you do online. So, when you use the internet with connecting to company Wi-Fi, never visit the adult sites, streaming sites, and the different social media websites where you h

Apart from that, never send or receive email no matter whether you are using a personal email address or the one that is provided by your company connecting to company Wi-Fi. If the higher authority of the company wants, they can see your email history.

However, we are not against Using Company Wi-Fi on Personal phones, but before using it make sure that you’re allowed to use it. If you are allowed, don’t do anything online that will expose your personality to your colleague.

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