Why Wan Port is Unplugged?

To understand what WAN port unplugged means, you must first know the definition of WAN and WAN port. WAN is a network categorization like a Local Area Network or Regional Area Network.

It represents the Wide Area Network, and its coverage radius is over half a mile. While LAN covers your home network, WAN covers a whole neighborhood network. WAN is a web of networks with other networks linking to it.

To understand what a WAN port is, you should know the meaning of a router.

It is the device that connects to a modem to help distribute internet signals to the designated area. To connect a router to the internet connection, you need a WAN port. Your internet-enabled devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets should connect to a router via a WAN port.

So, the router receives Internet signals from your ISP modem and then distributes them to you via the WAN port. Now the question is: why your router logging dashboard shows “Wan Port is Unplugged”? It happens when there is a loose connection in the WAN port with your ISP-provided internet line. 

What Does Wan Unplug Mean?

If your router says wan unplugged, there is an issue with your internet connection. Between the router and the modem, there is an Ethernet cable with two ends. If one end is loose or unplugged, the router can show the WAN port is unplugged message. The message means that you have a disconnection and cannot access the internet.

Wan Unplugged

A typical way to make a WAN network is to use packet switching. It consists of data packets of two kinds. First, there is a piece that contains routing metadata and another one containing the data that users see. A WAN network utilizes an X.25 protocol to send data packets and ensure that users receive them.

If you get a WAN connection down notification, the ISP WAN infrastructure could be the cause. Alternatively, your WAN network gadgets may be malfunctioning. Learn more below.

How Do I Find My WAN Settings?

It will be easier to detect and solve WAN issues if you know how to find your WAN port. Before you can start troubleshooting the router WAN port is unplugged problem, you should identify your port.

Routers come from different brands, and their WAN ports vary widely. The easiest way to identify your WAN port is to read the label. Do you see the word WAN or Internet?

How Do I Find My WAN Settings

On some routers, the WAN port has a color and a label to help you distinguish it from other router ports.

Some routers offer a DSL port, which is smaller than the WAN port. To use the DSL port, simply add a phone line using an RJ11 connector. A DSL router can work without a modem because it plays both roles.

Some routers offer a dual WAN port to help split your traffic between two connections at once. To find your WAN Port settings, follow these easy steps:

  • Start your best internet browser from a PC or a mobile device and connect to your WAN network
  • Type this link: http://www.routerlogin.com or your router login address. Once you see a login screen, enter the username and password of your router. Enter your username and password.
  • When you see the Basic Home screen displays, choose Advanced, Setup, and WAN setup.
  • Various settings will appear, Disable IGMP Proxying, Disable Port Scan, and DoS Protection.
  • Once you select the setting you want, click on the Apply icon to finish.

What Is the Reason The Port Is Unplugged?

When the router says the WAN port is unplugged, you should discover the causes. If you notice such a message, you should know for sure that something is wrong with your WAN connection.

Although you may require professional help, there are troubleshooting steps you can do. If your WAN network is down, check if any of the following components have stopped working.

What Is the Reason The Port Is Unplugged

  • WAN Port – Your router has a port that gets internet access from your ISP’s modem and then distributes it to your devices. If this port malfunctions, you may read that the WAN is unplugged on your router. Although you can inspect and fix a malfunctioning port, sometimes the problem can be complex.
  • Damaged or unplugged cables – Sometimes the cause of a WAN disconnection is a loose or unplugged Ethernet cable. Check this cable to ensure you have plugged it in well. If the Ethernet cable is okay, perhaps it is faulty, or you have other damaged coaxial cables in your network. If you use coaxial cables with splitters, they are more prone to failure. Once they fail, they can cause a total disconnection.
  • Outlet – Maybe your telephone line outlet or the coax cable outlet has a problem. A damaged outlet will block your Wi-Fi signal. The only way out is to check it out or seek professional help.
  • Infrastructure – Perhaps your router, modem, and other components are working, but your ISP infrastructure is not. If you see WAN is unplugged, call the ISP for help. They could be maintaining a node that you connect to and their WAN connection may be down temporarily. If that is the case, the only thing you can do is wait until your ISP finishes its maintenance work.

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Wan Port Is Unplugged: How Do I Fix?

We have enumerated the causes of a WAN connection down the problem. If you ever encounter this problem, try to troubleshoot your WAN system first. If your ISP’s infrastructure is running as usual, then the cause of showing “Wan Port is unplugged” could be something else. For you to fix a WAN problem, you must find it first. Do the following:

Restart your router and modem – If you are good with computers and other gadgets, you know that a quick restart can be a quick solution. So, restart your router and modem and see what happens. If you notice a red LED light on the router, perhaps there is a power supply issue.

So, shut down your computer and all devices in your WAN network. Wait a little while and turn them back on. Start with the modem, router, computer, mobile phone, and so on. If this does not solve your problem, continue troubleshooting the WAN network.

Check if the Ethernet cable is unplugged – As earlier hinted, the solution can be as easy as plugging in the Ethernet cable. If you notice that the router is indicating WAN port is unplugged, but it’s actually plugged in, get a new Ethernet cable and connect it. Sometimes a spoiled coaxial cable can result in a disconnection between your modem and router.

Test if your router or modem is faulty – If all the above actions yield nothing, maybe your router or modem has a technical issue. To test them, turn on your computer and connect your modem to one of the ports.

If your modem connects you to the internet, your router may be faulty. If the modem does not access the internet, it could be damaged. In most situations, a modem upgrade solves the problem.

Try using a WAN cable – If you do not have a working Ethernet cable or want to try something else, get a WAN cable. It works like a typical Ethernet cable to connect your router to the modem. Choose a full copper CAT5 or CAT6 cable as it is durable. If it does not help connect you to the internet, do the following.

Check if your antivirus is working and run it – Your WAN network is susceptible to internet bugs and malware. So, run your antivirus software to see if you have a virus that could be tampering with network security. If everything seems clean, you should do the step below.

Use the automatic troubleshooter – So, move to the Start Menu and choose Settings. Next, click on Network & Internet. Choose Change adapter options. When a window with network adapters appears, select your network by right-clicking on it. Choose Diagnose and wait for the automatic troubleshooter to search for problems. Read the issues it locates and follow its prompts to correct them.

Call your ISP– If all the above fails, you need urgent professional assistance. The best contact to call first should be your ISP. Tell them about the WAN port is unplugged message you have received and listen to their suggestions.

If they can update your current modem with an advanced one, choose the option. If they ask to come and inspect the network for you, accept the offer. They will probably not ask you to get a new gadget without sending a technician first. Although changing the modem or router is costly, you have no choice. Anything that could restore your WAN network should be welcome.


The WAN port is unplugged notification can be scary.

If you encounter it, make sure you do the troubleshooting steps we offered in this article.

In case you failed to solve your issues with the given solution indicates that you have a severe problem.

So, call an expert WAN technician to assist you get your internet connection back.

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