What Could Be Wi-Fi Alternative?

Wi-Fi Alternative

When it’s about using the internet on different devices, nothing is as popular as the Wi-Fi network system. Wi-Fi is one of the popular internet connection systems that allows using the internet effortlessly.

Although Wi-Fi is very popular and offers many user-friendly facilities, there are many users who prefer to use different network systems instead of Wi-Fi. However, if you’re looking for a Wi-Fi alternative, you can go for many options.

Some of the alternatives are LPWAN, 5G / 4G LTE Cellular, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and so on. Want to know about them and others in detail? Simply follow this article for reliable instructions.

How Does Wi-Fi Alternative Work?

Fortunately, there are plenty of wired and wireless connection facilities available that you can use instead of Wi-Fi. However, today we’re going to cover some of the reliable wireless alternatives to Wi-Fi. Simply follow the section below if you want to know about discovering them in detail.

Wi-Fi Alternative

1. Wi-Fi Alternatives For IoT Devices

When it’s about using the internet in IoT devices, that means you have to use a wireless connection to operate them. The term “Internet of Things” refers to networks of actual physical objects with sensors, software, and other modern technologies built into them.

Although wifi is the obvious option for most consumers, you can use a lot of alternative options. Here we’ll talk about some of the alternatives to Wi-Fi to use the internet in IoT devices.

Cellular Network

The first alternative to the wifi network system you can use is the cellular network. It is one of the popular internet network systems that you’ll find in smartphones, cell phones, as well as dial-up devices.

Cellular Network

The cellular network, also known as satellite connections, uses a broadcast tower to ensure functionality. Some of the core benefits of using a cellular network instead of Wi-Fi are:

  • Just use an eSIM or any standard SIM card to use the cellular network. Simply buy a data pack for usability.
  • You’ll get an interruption-free connection if you’re under the tower’s available range.
  • Cellular networks are more reliable and come with a lower price tag than others.

These are some of the facilities you’ll get by using a cellular network instead of wifi for your needs.


When it is about getting solid wireless connection coverage with low maintenance and energy consumption, LPWAN will be the best choice. It is ideal for those who are looking for a good coverage range without requiring high bandwidth.


Want to know more about LPWAN with its core benefits? For that follow the section below:

  • LPWAN offers a long network coverage which is 5 to 30 KM
  • Low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) devices require little power, and they can last up to 10 years.
  • This network facility also comes with a low number of gateways which will significantly reduce the cost
  • The use of LPWAN allows operation in the sub GHz frequency band even in complex channel environments.
  • The smart architecture facility offers an easy network management option
  • The encryption algorithms of LPWAN ensure the most secure connection between nodes and Gateways


If you are looking for a low-power and data wireless system to use instead of WiFi, Zigbee is another good option. This system works by using the mesh network structure, and also it operates in three brands including 2.4 GHz, as well as 868 and 915 MHz.


Plus, Zigbee offers a good coverage area which is 30 – 50 meters and its data rates are 250, 40, and 20 kbps as per the brand. Zigbee can also connect thousands of IoT devices and distribute information and signals across the network.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get by using Zigbee as an alternative of wifi network:

  • Very easy and simple setup facility
  • The network’s loads are distributed equally across it because there is no central controller.
  • Zigbee offers a high node support facility

These are some of the Wi-Fi alternatives that you can use on IoT devices for controlling. Plus, all these options are super easy to use, so anybody can use them if they don’t have the facilities of the wifi network system.

2. Wi-Fi Alternatives For Wired Devices

Alongside many wireless options to use alternatives to wifi, you can also go for some wired options too. If you don’t like the wifi, we’ve included some wired options you can try. Have a look:


When it comes to using the internet with stable speed, no one can deny that Ethernet will be at the top ranking. It is one of the secure internet services that offer stable speed and performance continuously.


Ethernet offers an effortless connection system so that anybody can easily use that. Moreover, while wifi can only reach around 9.6 Gbps of internet speed, Ethernet can reach up to 46 Gbps, which is huge.

Unfortunately, you can only use the Ethernet on wire-supported devices like TV, monitor, game consoles, etc. If your device doesn’t have a cable connection facility, then you cannot use the Ethernet.

MoCA Networking

Another wired network system that you can use instead of wifi is the MoCA networking facility. It offers 300% improved performance than the wifi system. Plus, MoCA only uses the existing coaxial cable to work, so you don’t have to make any additional drill holes at your home.

MoCA Networking

So, when you get an easy setup process with higher reliability and faster speed, what more do you need? However, like Ethernet, this internet service can only be used on wire-supported devices.

Closing Thought

Throughout this article, we’ve shown several options that you can use instead of wifi. No matter what options offer what facility, it’s all up to you which wifi alternative you want to use.

Moreover, we’ve also shown different wifi alternatives to wireless as well as wired devices. So that you can easily pick one based on your needs. And when it’s about IoT devices, Cellular connectivity could be the best option.

On the other hand, for wired devices, nothing would be as good as Ethernet. We hope you understand all the things clearly. And if you still have any questions or curiosity in your mind, let us know through comments.

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