What is Discord Server Temporary Outage? & How to Deal With it?

Discord Server Temporary Outage

You being here clearly says, either you have experienced Discord Server Temporary Outage before or you are facing it now. Whatever it is, just know that you have landed on a page that’s going to provide you with everything you need.

There are several reasons why you might be seeing a discord server temporary outage, it could be your internet issue or a problem from the discord’s end. And in this very guide, we’ll be telling you what exactly you should do when you are in such a situation.

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What Does Discord Server Temporary Outage Mean?

Discord server temporary outage means a specific or a couple of servers are down. They crashed and not working at all. Such server outage usually happens to large servers when the user limit has been crossed.

We have seen discord officials saying that, when a server has 5000 plus users at a time, it doesn’t function well. And they also said, they have built a team of engineers to investigate this issue and come up with a plan to increase the capacity.

What Does Discord Server Temporary Outage Mean

However, these are temporary outages that get fixed when the number of active users on a server gets lower. But apart from that, discord users have faced some severe outages as well which took months to fully recover from.

There was a widespread server outage which took many communities offline for a long period of time. The app won’t load at all, some said it is because of a bunch of server outages and some said, it is due to the growing amount of API errors.

After Microsoft, the discord had the second major outage in the history of chat apps.

What Are The Possible Causes OF Discord Server Temporary Outage?

There are a few reasons why you might be seeing a discord server temporary outages. Here are the reasons.

Discord Server Temporary Outage

  • Most of the time when you see server outages, it is probably because of the maintenance. Everyone knows that software like this requires maintenance on a regular basis. And sometimes the maintenance requires taking servers down.
  • Your discord serve might have been banned due to a violation. Or someone reported your server due to anything shady.
  • When a server crosses the maximum number of active users at a time, it crashes which causes a temporary server outage.
  • Or in rare cases, it might be your internet connection. Due to poor internet connection when the server can’t connect that shows an outage.

How Long Does It Usually Take A Discord Outage To Get Fixed?

Temporary discord server outages get fixed within 10 – 30 minutes but some severe outages take time. It actually depends on the problem, the more complex the issue, the more time it takes for the engineers to figure out what went wrong. Hence, the more time it takes to fix it.

What To Do When Discord Server Temporary Outage?

Let’s get one thing straight and that is if the discord is down due to a problem from the discord’s end, then there is nothing you can do to fix that for obvious reason. And most of the time when discord shows a server outage, it is due to an internal issue.

However, if you see a server outage, here’s what you can do to make sure if that’s due to an issue from your end or not.

Check Your Internet

If the discord app doesn’t load or shows a server outage, check if your internet connection is working fine or not. Sometimes due to poor internet connection discord doesn’t load. It would be best if you could turn off and on your router.

Check Your Internet

Once you find out that your internet is working fine, and your discord is still not working, then it is a discord’s internal issue. Read through the coming sections to find out whether discord is actually down or not.

Check the Discord Status

Go to discordstatus.com to check out if everything from the discord’s end is good. When you visit that website if you see “All System Operational” in a green background that means it is not a discord problem. The issue is on your end.

Check the Discord Status

And when the discord is down the website will show “Discord is Down” or anything like that.

This website is pretty handy, not only does it tell you if everything is okay or not. It also shows all the dates and times when discord had an outage.

Visit Downdetector

Another incredible website to know about discord’s status is the Downdetector. It will show you what’s the status of discord, and if that’s down, what’s probably the reason. And the best part about this website is, that it shows exactly in which areas the discord server isn’t working.

Visit Downdetector


It is sad but you can’t help it. When the discord outage is due to discord’s internal problem, there is nothing you can do except wait and pray. Check out discord’s twitter and Reddit to know the updates, as they post every update.

However, that’s all about discord server temporary outage! If you want to stay updated with discord’s functions, features, and everything, check out videos from this YouTube channel

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