What Is The Average MacBook Lifespan: 6 Useful Tips

What Is The Average MacBook Lifespan

Whenever anyone goes to purchase a laptop, two important factors come to mind first: price and durability. We all have a deep faith that if the laptop is expensive, it will last a long time.

As a result, we always consider MacBooks the most durable laptops due to their cost. Have you ever thought about: what the average MacBook lifespan is?

Different types of MacBook models are usually available on the market. Depending on the model and usage, the average MacBook lifespan is around five to seven years.

However, we will give you in-depth information about the lifespan of the MacBook and some effective tips to extend it through this context.

What Is The Average MacBook Lifespan?

MacBooks are very popular for their quality and durability. As MacBooks are Apple products, they are equipped with powerful components. Even though these laptops have quality components, they won’t last forever.

All models of MacBook have a particular lifespan. During their lifespan, these laptops will function at their maximum potential. After that, the performance of MacBooks will be reduced consequently.

What Is The Average MacBook Lifespan

Typically, the lifespan of a MacBook depends on its usage and maintenance. For example, a person can use a laptop for 5 hours per day for five years with proper maintenance. On the other hand, another person may use the same laptop for only 10 hours a week for three years.

Below we have shown the average lifespan of each MacBook model.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air has existed from 2008 to the present. This model is quite cheap and offers a very short lifespan compared to the MacBook Pro. You may get around 3 to 5 years of lifespan on a MacBook Air.

MacBook Air

However, the duration will vary depending on your usage and maintenance. With proper care, you can use a MacBook Air for approximately six years without facing any problems. Even if you find any malfunction, you can repair it for further use.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro has existed from 2006 to the present and gained huge popularity for its excellent performance. This model is integrated with powerful chips, making them faster and more durable.

MacBook Pro

Depending on usage, a MacBook Pro can last from 5 to 7 years. You will get a longer lifespan of around 8 hours with the proper maintenance.

Why Do MacBooks Last So Long?

Apple always takes time and effort to develop a high-quality product, and MacBooks are no exception. Below we have explained the real reasons behind the long lifespan of MacBooks.

Why Do MacBooks Last So Long

Proper Components

As MacBooks are Apple’s products, it controls every aspect of their production. During production, Apple ensures that all components of MacBooks fit properly together and work smoothly.

Due to the proper components, MacBooks offer the maximum performance that significantly impacts their durability. For that, MacBooks are meant to last a long time without malfunctioning.

Consistently Update

Apple keeps its MacBook systems up-to-date with new features and fixes. Whenever a bug is reported or found, the developer team of macOS fixes the problem as soon as possible. Apple ensures your system runs smoothly by consistently troubleshooting issues and fixing any bugs.

Antivirus Protection

Unlike Windows computer users, MacBook users have fewer chances of experiencing unwanted spyware, viruses, and malware. This is because MacBooks are developed with antivirus protection that integrates deeply with the operating system. As a result, malware or viruses can’t harm your MacBook.

Apple Store

Apple offers top-rated customer service for its products at the Apple Store. So, whenever you run into any problem with your MacBook, you can take the help of their services.

The employees at the Apple Store are highly trained to fix Apple products specifically. You can ensure a longer lifespan even if you repair your MacBook.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your MacBook?

Proper maintenance of a MacBook significantly impacts its lifespan. So, regular maintenance will help your MacBook last longer. Some easy tips for maintaining MacBooks have been demonstrated below.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your MacBook

Keep OS Updates

Apple usually releases system updates frequently to resolve potential security issues and reported bugs. Besides, updates come with new features and functions to make your MacBook easier to operate.

So, you can ensure maximum protection and the latest features by updating your MacBook. However, if you leave updates for a long time, you may face app-crashing or slow-running problems on your MacBook.

Don’t Full Storage

Don’t fill the storage drive on your MacBook to the top. When your MacBook runs out of storage, it will slow down. Even a simple task will require a longer time to complete when the storage of your MacBook is filled.

Additionally, a laptop needs specific free storage to do more work behind the scenes. So, you should always keep around 5–10% of your storage space free.

Use The Battery Properly

MacBooks are usually equipped with high-quality batteries. If you charge and use the laptop properly, its lifespan will be more than five years. To maintain the health of your MacBook battery, you need to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

In that case, you can plug your laptop into the power whenever you use the MacBook. You should not leave the battery plugged in for a long time nor allow it to drop to a very low capacity. Additionally, adjust the display brightness of your MacBook to extend the battery health.

Clean Your MacBook Often

Cleaning a MacBook is more than just looking good. Laptop ports and vents are the ideal places to accumulate dirt and grime. Dust will clog your MacBook’s ports and vents if you don’t clean it regularly.

Regular cleaning will help prevent dirt and grime build-up on your laptop. To clean your MacBook, you can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox disinfecting wipes.

Avoid Using Third Party Charger

Using official chargers is another key way to make your MacBook last longer. Third-party chargers aren’t safe to charge a MacBook. This charger can cause damage to your MacBook, catch fire, or give you an electric shock. Not only that, charging a MacBook with third-party chargers can slow down your laptop.

Replace Battery

Knowing when to change your MacBook battery is also important. Laptop batteries eventually wear down and lose their ability to charge.

So, you should occasionally compare the maximum cycle count Apple designed for your laptop with your current cycles. When the count is reached, replace the battery with an original one, which will extend the life of your MacBook.


No one may want to invest in a laptop for a few days, especially when buying a MacBook. In that case, knowing your desired MacBook’s average lifespan will help you gain confidence in your investment.

After reading the context, you may be clear about the average MacBook lifespan. Depending on the usage and maintenance, MacBooks usually last around 5 to 7 years. However, you can extend your MacBook’s lifespan by following the tips mentioned above.

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