Why Do Modems Need To Be Reset And How? [Easily Explained]

Overworking your modem or router does not bring any good. It can lead to slower internet speed and even dead connections. So, what should you do if you have been overworking your modem lately? Does a reboot help?

Why do modems need to be reset? The truth is that modems, like other electronic devices, need to be reset periodically in order to operate at peak performance. You should regularly reset your modem instead of waiting for problems to arise and contacting the ISP for help.

Resetting your modem regularly can help ward off potential issues with the device, improve connectivity, and avoid more costly repairs or replacements.

When you don’t reset the modem, it could cause your modem to malfunction. Other times you might have accidentally or purposefully changed the settings on the modem or router, which could also require a reset. Let’s find out more and see how you can reset your modem.

Key points:

  • Resetting the modem can improve your connection security from anyone
  • Resetting your modem increases your internet speed and connection
  • Overheating and overcrowding of the modem can make it malfunction, and resetting can be a perfect solution

Is It Possible To Automatically Reset My Modem?

Yes, it is possible to configure your modem to automatically reset if the connection is lost. There are a couple of different ways that you can do this. But the easiest way is to log into your modem and select the advanced button depending on your modem operating system.

Go to the section labelled advanced configuration and click the reset button. Where you can find this button depends on the model. You can then set up when you want your modem to reset on the settings.

Is It Possible To Automatically Reset My Modem

For example, you can set a timeframe like shut down at 6 pm and start running at 6:30 pm. Though this feature may vary among different models.

The truth is that your modems require resetting for various reasons, such as when the power goes out unexpectedly or if your Internet service provider changes its network configuration.

It is also important to reset your modem if it loses Internet connection during broadband maintenance or your internet service provider adds a new modem to the local access loop.

Why Do Modems Need To Be Reset?

There are many reasons you will want to reset your modem. Most people do not give credit to the reasons, but they are genuine. If you notice any of the below, they are reasons you should reset your modem.

Why Do Modems Need To Be Reset

1. Slow Internet Speed

Modems can get bogged down over time, causing you to suffer slow internet speed. If your internet connection is slow or not functioning properly, resetting your modem can generally fix the issue and get you back to surfing the web in no time.

2. Loss Of Internet Connection

When a modem loses its connection with the internet, it is often necessary to reset it to restore connectivity. Sometimes, the cause for the loss of connection might not be prevalent or revealing, but a modem reboot can help you bring back the connection.

Therefore, if you ever experience network failure, loss of internet connection, and the modem is still on, you can try resetting it.

3. Overheating Of The Modem

Your modem gets overheated if the vents are covered. The time at which this overheating happens depends on certain environmental factors such as the temperature of your house, humidity, and many more.

Therefore, your modem needs to be reset if it is overheating. Modems are not designed to handle the volume of internet traffic when many people are trying to gain access at once. Every time a page is requested, a packet of information containing that page travels through a router before arriving at your modem.

In addition, apart from ventilation, overcrowding the modem can also cause it to overheat for some other reasons as well. Therefore, resetting your modem can do a great job to prevent damages, and while the modem cools, you can regain connection in no time.

What Are The Benefits Of Modem Reset?

Resetting your internet modem is something you may need to perform from time to time. The most important reasons for resetting your modem are when you experience problems connecting to your ISP or when you want to speed up the internet connection.

benefit of modem reset

1. Security

The Modem Reset keeps your modem from being reused by hackers as a jump-off point onto your network, so you can be confident that all of your devices are properly secured. So, occasionally resetting the modem will ensure that you log out to anyone who has unapproved access to your internet system.

Once you reset, you get to keep the password to yourself, and block access to “intruders” as long the password is never revealed.

2. Restore Internet Connection

One way you can restore a slack or slow internet connection is through resetting. Resetting, for this reason, is simple. Just follow your IPS instruction on how to rest, and then you should have the internet service up and running again.

Your internet connection may appear to be stabilized after resetting your modem. Resetting the modem does not hurt it but rather sets your modem back to the factory default settings. These settings don’t allow interference from other computers accessing your modem and are programmed by the manufacturer for optimal performance.

3. Increase Internet Speed

If you want to improve your internet speed connection, use the Reset command. You should always take effective advantage of resetting while you can. If your modem speed is too low or slow, resetting it might help to bring back the speed to normal.

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How To Reset Your Modem?

Note: The location for the reset button is not the same with all modems. So, do well to locate where the rest button is on your modem.

  • Step-1: Keep the modem on and active
  • Step-2: Locate the reset button on the modem. It is mostly at the back for some modems.
  • Step-3: Long press the reset button and then release when you notice that the modem lights start to flicker.
  • Step-4: Once you notice the modern light starts blinking, wait till the green light comes up.


It’s no myth- resetting electronic devices may actually help sometimes. But why do modems need to be reset? There are many reasons you should reset your modem. One should do it occasionally to keep the modem in good condition for a longer period, ensure stable connection, and prevent any data loss.

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