Why Does My Mac Charger Get Hot?

Why Does My Mac Charger Get Hot

“I’ve been using a MacBook Pro for some time now. But it was only recently I noticed, the charger gets quite hot after it’s plugged in for like 20 mins. Why does my Mac charger get hot?”

Your Mac charger, or any other charger, is likely to get hot when charging due to its internal components facing overheating issues. For example, if you use a working charger in a malfunctioning power outlet, it will cause the charger to heat up. Over time, chargers may become hot with normal wear and tear.

So, when you notice your Mac charger is getting hot, you should check out the power outlet and see if it’s the culprit. If yes, then you should remove and use any other good outlet. Also, keeping the charger plugged in for a very long time might make it hot as well. What to do then? How do you even charge a MacBook properly? Let’s find out.

Key points:

  • If you are using an old charger, the chances of it getting hot is high due to low efficient internal components.
  • You should check for a faulty power outlet before reaching the conclusion that your charger is bad.
  • Exposing your charger to too much heat can make it get hot.
  • It is common for a charger to get hot because of the rectifier that converts AC to DC, which then turns energy to heat.

Is It Normal for a MacBook Charger to Get Hot?

Yes, it is normal for MacBook chargers to get warm when used.

Chargers are designed to have a certain amount of natural heat when functioning properly. It should not be a concern for you, but it is likely a serious matter you need to attend to when it gets too hot.

If this happens, then it is a sign that something is wrong with the charger. If you notice your Mac charger is getting too hot, first try using another charging cable or wall socket. You should also try to unplug and replug the cable from your MacBook.

Is It Normal for a MacBook Charger to Get Hot

Irrespective of how normal it is for a Macbook charger to get hot, knowing what behind the issue can really help you out. Sometimes, the reason may be severe, and taking fast action will help prevent your charger from getting damaged.

There are ways you can find out if your charger hotness is normal or not, and we will share them with you in the latter part of this article.

Why Does My Mac Charger Get Hot?

Your Mac charger gets hot because it has an electrical device known as a rectifier that converts AC power to DC power, which turns the energy into heat.

All chargers create heat as a natural byproduct of converting electrical currents. Still, if your laptop charger becomes extremely hot (overheating), it can signify something wrong with the unit.

Why Does My Mac Charger Get Hot

In this case, you need to know some likely reasons your mac charger can get hot.

Faulty power outlet

Your Mac charger gets hot because the power it pushes through to the computer requires a lot of energy. If your power outlet has faulty wiring or some other malfunction, then the energy could spike and go haywire. It then gets too hot.

Overheating happens when your power outlet is faulty, or sometimes the socket you are using. If this is happening to you, then stop using that outlet and find another in your home or office to use. And, of course, repair the faulty one to avoid electric hazards.

Faulty adapter

When your mac charger gets too hot, it could be that your Apple charger or power adapter has malfunctioned. The most common cause is a faulty internal wire or coil inside the device.

Power can build up when you have a faulty internal wire, causing overheating and melting away the insulation and outer coating to expose the dangerous inner wires. The heat then easily reaches the charger’s plastic body, and causes overheating.

Improper placement and lack of ventilation

The best place to charge your Mac Notebook is on a flat surface, with plenty of airflows. That helps reduce the temperature of your charger while it is recharging your battery. If you use it in a place with restricted airflow, your charger will likely get warmer than expected.

Using the wrong charger

Using the wrong charger can generate extra heat. If your charger is not an Apple brand, it might be putting out too much voltage and have a higher amperage than the proper one.

If you bought a 3rd party charger that does not deliver the right amount of power, this could cause it to overheat. Just charge with the original Apple charger that came with your Macbook, and you should be able to avoid this issue.

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How to Charge a MacBook Correctly?

Using the original charger for your MacBook is crucial as an alternative model may damage your laptop. You should always charge with an Apple-certified product for all MacBooks, laptops, and adaptors.

How to Charge a MacBook Correctly

To charge your MacBook correctly, follow the steps below:

Locate a good power outlet or socket

Now that you know, one of the reasons your charger can get too hot is when you plug it in a faulty power outlet. So, you should take necessary steps to avoid this from happening. You need to locate a good power outlet you have in your home and use that to charge your Mac.

Note: Always remember to switch off the power socket before plugging in the charger.

Plug in the charger to the laptop

The next thing is that you should plug the charger adapter into the laptop and ensure you place it where there is enough ventilation. Also, ensure you do not place the charger near any electronics. Placing close to any electronic device can increase the chances of overheating.

Insert the adapter plug into the socket

Lastly, plug the adapter into the outlet and switch the socket on. You should check for indication on your MacBook to know if it is charging or not. Some chargers will give a tiny bright light, but sometimes it is orange. The color depends on the type of MacBook you own.

How to Stop a Charger from Getting Hot?

A damaged charger can be a real hassle if you don’t act quickly. It can even lead to complete malfunction and affect overall battery performance. And that’s why you need to take necessary actions whenever you notice your charger is getting hot.

Here are ways you can stop the charger from getting too hot.

Do not overuse the charger.

You cannot stop your charger from getting hot, but you can prevent it from overheating. Using a charger for a longer period will likely make it too hot. So, one of the ways you can stop your charger from getting too hot is to reduce the usage time.

Moreover, you should allow the charger to cool by taking a break. Once your MacBook gets fully charged, you can disconnect the charger and let the battery do its job. After the battery is drained to 15-20%, you can then plug in the charger, and by then, the battery should be cool.

Keep away from heat

Keep your charger away from heat sources and minimize exposure to direct sunlight. You should also clean the contacts on the charger and keep the charger dry. Exposing the charger to devices that generate heat such as television, routers, etc. can result in overheating.

Use a good power outlet/socket.

One of the reasons your charger gets hot is when you use it with a faulty socket or outlet. So, try to locate the best socket in your home and use it to charge your MacBook. It will keep the charger cool and ensure it lasts long.

Increase ventilation

Mac chargers generally get hot, and one of the ways you can stop this is by increasing the ventilation. Every electrical device cools down and operates optimally when exposed to enough ventilation.


When you get your MacBook and the right charger, it becomes your responsibility to keep them functioning. But if you’re wondering “why does my mac charger get hot?”, then there are ways you can overcome the issue.

There are many reasons your mac charger can get hot, and you must make a conscious effort to stop it from happening. Overheating is one reason your charger will get damaged, and getting the signs early can help you prevent the unpleasant occurrence.

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