Why Does My Music Stop When I Open My Facebook App?

Why Does My Music Stop When I Open My Facebook App

Why does my music stop when i open facebook? Well, not you, but also, a bunch of smartphone users are going through the same annoying condition. Most mobile phone users find this condition annoying as they don’t know the fixing process.

However, you can simply solve this issue by changing the Facebook app sound setting and updating the app. Additionally, re-installing the Facebook app, refreshing the background, and restarting the phone will also help to fix this issue.

Want to know about the step-by-step process of all the possible solutions? In that case, simply follow this article to get reliable guidance with multiple solutions.

Why Does My Music Stop When I Open My Facebook App

So you’re experiencing that your music automatically stops when you enter Facebook. Well, It’s probably happening due to software problems as well as Facebook’s autoplay feature.

In some cases, software problems like bugs and glitches cause many different types of problems, including stopping the music. The other reason is Facebook’s video feature.

Why Does My Music Stop When I Open My Facebook App

Music automatically stops when you open the Facebook app and have a video in the newsfeed. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are many ways that you can follow to deal with this issue.

Wondering how to make music keep playing even after opening your Facebook app? Follow the below-mentioned methods to enjoy listening to music and scrolling through the news feed.

1. Change Sound Settings of Facebook (For iOS Users)

The first solution to deal with music and Facebook issues is to change the sound settings of Facebook. As a Facebook user, you must know that the news feed is loaded with different types of videos that can easily interrupt your favorite music.

However, you are able to use both of them simultaneously if you follow the instructions listed below:

Open The Facebook App And Go To The Settings:

Open the Facebook app and navigate to the menu bar. Then scroll down to find out the “Settings & Privacy” option, tap on it and select the “Settings” option.

Open The Facebook App And Go To The Settings

tap on Settings & Privacy

Tap On Media:

Now on the next page, tap on “Media” and then turn on the “In-App Sound” and then unselect the “Never Autoplay Videos.” Also, don’t forget to tick on “On Mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Tap On Media

turn on the “In-App Sound” and then unselect the “Never Autoplay Videos

Now try again playing your favorite music while you’re on Facebook. If the issue has not disappeared yet, no worries. We have a lot more solutions to show you to fix this issue.

2. Turn Off Video Autoplay Feature (For Both iOS and Android Users)

You can directly turn off the autoplay facility so that nothing will interrupt you while listening to music. How to turn off the autoplay facility? Follow the below included steps to get the desired results:

Go To The Settings:

Like the previous method, simply go to the settings option from your Facebook’s menu bar.

Go To The Settings

Tap On Media:

Now you’ll see plenty of options, and you should tick on the “Never AutoPlay Videos.”

Now you’ll see plenty of options, and you should tick on the “Never AutoPlay Videos

Never Autoplay viedo

This is how you can stop videos on your newsfeed from auto-playing. Selecting the Never Autoplay Videos option will let you enjoy your favorite music even after scrolling on Facebook.

3. Update or Re-Installing the Facebook App (For Both iOS and Android Users)

Another effective solution you can follow to listen to music even after using Facebook is updating or reinstalling the app. The Facebook app may have software issues for whatever reason that can be solved through updating or reinstalling the app.

We will show both updating and re-installing processes in the section below. Have a look:

Update the app:

Updating your Facebook app is as simple as counting numbers. All you have to do is go to the App store and then check if there is any new update available or not. If you discover any new updates, update the app to get the new version. App developers always try to fix the bugs or issues with new updates.

Update the facebook app

Re-Installing the Facebook App:

Since you use a phone, you know the uninstalling and installing an app. Uninstall the Facebook app from your phone and install it again. After installation, launch the app and check whether the issue still exists.

Re-Installing the Facebook App

4. Refresh the Background

One of the reasons why you can’t hear music while scrolling on Facebook is using too many apps at once. That is because when you launch multiple apps at once, then it’s common that several overlaps will occur. Hence, the best solution would be to refresh the background.

For iOS Users:

In this section, we’ll show you how to refresh your iPhone’s background:

  • Press and hold the home button or twice hit the home button, and you’ll see all the open apps running in the background.
  • Now simply swipe up or close all unnecessary apps or close all apps.

close all unnecessary apps or close all apps

For Android Users

close all unnecessary apps on andriod

The background app closing method for Android users is slightly different, but it’s also super easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Tap on the round or home button of the navigation button of your phone
  • Then click on square overview navigation icon and here you’ll see all the running apps (if you’re not using navigation icons, then swipe up from the button and hold for a couple of seconds)
  • Now close all the apps

Once you close all the apps from the background, play your music again, then launch Facebook. The problem should be solved, and if the problem is still there, follow the next step for a further solution.

5. Remove Third-Party Apps (For Both iOS and Android Users)

Although many smartphone users use third-party apps for several reasons, it brings nothing good to the phone. Most third-party apps are filled with bugs and may be causing problems or interrupting other apps, including your music apps.

Remove Third-Party Apps

Therefore, the best solution would be to delete or remove unnecessary third-party apps from your phone. Check to see whether the problem has been fixed or not.

6. Reset Network Settings

Whether you’re listening to music through Spotify or any other music app, network issues can always interrupt your activities. Therefore, performing a network reset can cause all types of network-related issues. Here is how to perform network rest from your iPhone:

For iOS Users:

  • Go to the setting and scroll down and find out the General
  • Click on the General and select the Reset option from the below
  • Now select Reset Network Setting and confirm the action

Now select Reset Network Setting and confirm the action

For Android Users:

Like iOS platform, performing “Reset network settings” is fairly easy and simple. Here are the steps you have to follow:

  • Navigate to the setting option of your phone and then scroll to find the “System” option and click on it
  • Tap on “Reset”
  • From the next page, now tap on “Reset network settings” and again click on “RESET NETWORK SETTING” and you’re done

After resetting the network, go back to your music app, play music, and use Facebook at the same time. If the problem still exists, you should follow our last recommendation.

7. Try Restarting the iPhone (For Both iOS and Android Users)

Try to restart the device to fix the issue if none of the methods mentioned above works for you. It’s the most traditional way to fix several primary problems of most electronic devices.

To perform the reset, simply press the power button for a couple of seconds and follow the on-screen instruction.

Restarting the iPhone

However, going for a factory reset would be the best solution if the restart doesn’t work. Performing factory reset is the proven solution to fix bugs or internal issues. Also, don’t forget to make the necessary backup before performing a factor restart.

Final Thought

We believe one of the seven effective methods will surely work for you. So that you won’t have to worry about why does my music stop when i open Facebook anymore.

You know, it’s pretty common to face such issues, and we know it’s really annoying. However, among all the solutions we’ve included throughout the article, the most effective solution would be changing the sound setting and turning off the autoplay.

Plus, if no fixing or troubleshooting method works, then a factory reset is the only way you can perform.  Or,  as an iOS user, you can seek help from Apple Support as the last hope.

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