Why Does One Airpod Die Faster? (9 Reasons With Solutions)

Why Does One Airpod Die Faster

Have you recently noticed that one of your Airpod won’t work? If so, there might be several reasons; why does one airport die faster.

Using one airpod more than the other, or using one side mic, defective or damaged one airpod battery or charging case, keeping the airpods charging for a longer time, and manufacturing malfunctioning are some common reasons for your one airpod to die quickly.

But fortunately, there is no rocket science to fix this issue. This post is designed to rectify all the probable causes and demonstrate solutions to take you in the right direction. So let’s dive deep into the discussion to solve the issue.

Why Does One Airpod Die Faster (Reasons & Solutions)

No matter how old your airpods are, anytime one of your airpod dies faster than the other. Because in most of the cases, your Airpods using habit is the culprit behind it.

Why Does One Airpod Die Faster

Do you wonder how? Let’s tell you. Just scroll down.

Reason 1: Using The Right/left Airpod More Than Other

First of all, it happens unconsciously. Most people like to use one specific airpod (right or left) during their voice call, connect airpods to Zoom on mac for online meetings, listen to music, and others. Because if they use both of the Airpods, they can’t listen to anything outside.

You may agree or not; we are the generation who love to multitask to enhance our productivity and save time. So it’s a simple understanding, which Airpod you use the most, that’s battery will drain fast, and consequently, that will die faster.

Solution 1: Using both of the airpod equally

You must use the right and left Airpod equally to balance their usage and stress on Batteries. But, if you don’t want to use both airpods simultaneously, it is not necessary. You can use the Airpods by changing right and left according to your comfort.

If you use the left Airpod with a mic, you must also use the right one. Or vice versa. For this, you have to change the microphone’s automatic settings.

  • From your iPhone, go to “Settings.”

go to iphone setting

  • Go to “Bluetooth.”

Go to Bluetooth

  • You’ll find a button named “Microphone,” tap on it.

tap on Microphone

  • Go to “Automatically Switch AirPods“. Select “Always Right AirPod,” or “Always Left AirPod.”

Setting your airpod

Because of this setting, your airpod works on right and left when you select which one. So, both the earphones’ batteries will be drained equally, preventing one from dying faster.

Reason 2: Your Airpods Charging Habit

In batteries, there is a term called “cycle“. airpods are small electronic gadgets with small lithium-ion batteries inside to store charge. If you use the Airpods until it reaches 10% charge and then set them to the case for charging and full charge, you’ll complete one cycle.

If you continuously do the same thing for many days, the batteries get more stress on the lithium-ion cells and it shortens their lifespan. However, it also happens with one airpod battery, instead of two.

It also happens if you reach 50% charge of your airpods and recharge them, which is counted as a “half cycle“. In this way, you complete “one cycle” by doing it two times.

Solution 2: Good practice of Airpods charging

You should recharge your airpods when they reach 40% charge and unplug the charger at 80%. This level of charging won’t put much stress on battery cells and prevents unnecessary wear so that your one airpod or both won’t die fast.

Reason 3: Uncleaned Charging Case

Air dust and debris aren’t visible, so if your Airpods charging case lightning port gets dirty due to these. You can’t understand if you don’t look closely at it. Air dust particles also make your airpod listening port dirty.

How many of us have the time to look at it?

Most probably, the answer will be less than 5%, correct?

So over time, the layer of the dust and debris of your airpods charging case prevents getting connected to the lightning port with the charging port. As a result, you’ll face the issue of the low charge of one airpod or both, and that causes it to die faster than the other.

Additionally, you’ll find this issue if the dust particles make thick layers on any Airpod listening ports.

Solution 3: Cleaning the charging case and Airpods

Gently and properly cleaning is the ultimate solution to fix this issue if that is happening due to dirt. To clean the Airpods, you must prepare a soft cloth, toothpicks, an old toothbrush, and 70% Isopropyl alcohol to make the work faster.

  • First, clean the Airpods, the charging, and the lighting port with a soft bristles old toothbrush.
  • Remove the air dust from the case’s lightning port with a toothpick. Do it gently and carefully not to damage the port.
  • Soak a small end of the cloth and clean every nook and cranny by wiping.

Note: When you clean the Airpods and their charging case with soaked cloth, ensure the cloth isn’t runny. As remaining a drop of liquid may damage your airpods charging case forever.

Reason 4: Syncing More Devices

Generally, the Airpods work by pairing them with another device through a Bluetooth connection. But, if you pair them with more than one device at a time, they become confused and won’t sync properly. Sometimes, one airpod gets the proper connection to your device, and another airpod won’t. That’s why you find one airpod works properly and serves your purpose, and another does not.

Solution 4: Disconnecting and reconnecting the Airpods

Since your airpods are already confused, you have to disconnect the connection and reconnect them with the gadget you are using. For disconnecting the Airpods, first, turn off Bluetooth from your iPhone, and after a few seconds, turn it on. The Airpods will automatically sync the proper connection, and both of your airpod work equally.

Reason 5: Software Malfunctioning

If there is any bug in the Airpods operating system, then one of the Airpod won’t get a quick charge due to that bug. That’s why you may find one won’t work like the other.

Solution 5: Resetting your AirPods

If the software bug is the reason for the minor working of one Airpod, resetting the Airpod can fix the issue. You can reset the airpod by following some simple steps. Such as

  • After placing the airpod into the charging case, close its cover.

After placing the airpod into the charging case

  • Keep them in the case for 30 seconds, and open the cover.

Keep them in the case for 30 seconds, and open the cover

  • Now, from your phone’s screen, go to “Settings.”

go to Settings

  • Go to “Bluetooth,” and there you’ll see a button named “more info” tap it.

tap Bluetooth

  • Next, tap the “Forget This Device” button.

Forget This Device

  • Tap the “Confirm” button.
  • Open the case cover, tap the “setup” button and hold it for around 15 seconds or until you see the status light turn white.

see the status light turn white

Reason 6: Using Old Firmware

If you use the older version of firmware and don’t acknowledge the latest release, you may face one airpod faster die issue. However, the chances of this reason are minor but can be.

Solution 6: Firmware Updating

After updating the firmware, the problem will be fixed automatically. Here is the 3 step process of firmware update.

  • Place the airpod in the case and connect it with an electric source.
  • Keep your gadget closer to the charging case.
  • If any new update is available, that will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Reason 7: Water Damage

When you use the Airpod, water may fall on the Airpod and wet it. If you keep it in this wet condition for a longer time, that may be damaged. It also happens if you use the Airpod in the rain.

Solution 7: Pat the wet airpod for drying

You don’t have the control over accidental water falling, but you have the control over your task. So you should take a clean towel as soon as possible and pat the soaked airpod to dry. After drying the water, keep it in the air to ensure there is no water.

Reason 8: Faulty Or Damaged Charging Case

Overall an Airpods charging case’s lifespan is approximately 2 years. If you use your airpods for many days, there is a high chance of damaging the charging case. But from the outside, you can’t tell that. Nothing to worry about, as now we enlist two signs. By observing those, you can determine whether the charging case is faulty or not.

  • If you notice the case’s front light won’t turn on or be very dim, then it might be damaged.
  • If you won’t charge the Airpods but the charging case feels warm when you touch it, that is another sign of a damaged Airpods charging case.

Solution 8: Buy a new charging case

As your owning Airpods charging case is already damaged, either you have to repair it or buy a new one. Since repairing the case is risky and won’t be worthwhile, buying a new one is wise. Though it requires a little investment, it offers a smooth user experience for the next one or two years.

charging case

You can choose the Bleakteir Wireless Charging Case for airpod, which is economical and compatible with 1st and 2nd generation Airpods.

Reason 9: Manufacturing Fault

Are your airpod new?

Have you checked all the 8 reasons and tried the solutions?

But still, you notice one airpod dying faster.

Then there is a more than 90% chance of manufacturing defects.

Solution 9: Contacting Apple support

You have to contact the Apple support center for manufacturer defects and inform them about your problem.

  • 1-800-275-2273 is the USA Apple support center hotline. By dialing the number, you can contact.
  • You can also visit the Apple support website and support app to contact.
  • Moreover, you can also visit Apple stores to get the service.

If you have a warranty, they will replace your airpod without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have got your answer: why does one Airpod die faster and know the easy DIY solutions.

So there is no reason to give the Airpod any more time to die faster and waste your money.

Now, pick your airpod, find the reason and fix the problem.

If our words add value to your life, share this article with your family and friends who are facing one airpod faster die problem.

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