Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted?

Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted

Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted? This can happen due to unacceptable business practice, misleading claims, adult content, and so on.

Nowadays, we are noticing that Facebook ad accounts are getting restricted. This is annoying if you are a Facebook advertiser, and still it is the main source of your traffic.

Your Facebook ad account gets restricted or disabled due to multiple reasons. These include Unacceptable Business Practice, Unclear or Non-Functional, Landing Pages, adult content, Misleading Claims, Adult Content, and many more.

If your ad account gets restricted, but you don’t know why it happened & how to fix it, this article is for you where you’ll exact answer to your question; Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted with proper explanation.

So, introduction is over, now let’s move into the main discussion to get reliable solutions regarding the problem.

Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted?

We have already mentioned that there are several reasons behind your account getting restricted. In this segment, those reasons have been described broadly. Let’s check them out.

Why is My Facebook Ad Account Restricted

Reason-1: Unacceptable Business Practice

What does unacceptable business practice mean? This question may come to your mind. Well, this includes products, services, offers, or schemes that make use of deceptive or misleading practice to scam people out of personal information or money.

Besides, sensational language that can feel misleading like ads that over promise results, and do not reveal disclosure is a part of unacceptable business practice.

Last thing you have to make sure that ads do not hold dirty words, bad grammar and punctuation.

Reason No-2: Misleading Claims

You have to ensure that you avoid using Misleading Claim which means your ads, landing pages, business practice can not contain false or deceptive, and mock content.

Apart from that, ads, business practice, and leading  pages must not have promises to cure chronic, incurable, and serious medical conditions. If those things exist on ads, then your Facebook account may get restricted.

Reason No-3: Non-Functional or Unclear Landing Page Experience

This is another crucial thing that’s why your ad account may get in restriction. Keeping that in your mind, you have to make sure that your ad has a functional landing page with appropriate messages that pairs up the ad content.

Another thing that you also need to consider is that the specified URL cannot lead people to a site that is incomplete or to an error page.

The Landing page should explain the services, products, and its features; otherwise your ad account will get disabled, or restricted.

Reasons No-4: Use of Adult Content

Due to the adult ads that contain nudity, or the activities that are sexually stimultion, you Facebook may get restriucted or disabled. That’s why you have to avoid the use of excessive adult content to get rid of the problem.

Reasons No-5: Repeated Violations

If Facebook found that an ad account is continuously trying to run ads that go against their Advertising Policies, there is a high chance your account will get restricted or disabled.

How To Fix Facebook Ad Account Restricted Problems

To get your disabled account back or remove restrictions you can follow two simple methods. We have illustrated those methods in this segment.

Method No-1: Request a Review

To request a review, you must be an admin of the account; otherwise you can execute the methods. Here is the complete guide to request a review.

Step-1: Visit the Account Quality

Step-2: Click on the “Account Status Overview” from the left

Account Status Overview

Step-3: Now, Look for a “What You Can Do.” If you don’t have the option, that means you don’t have to take any further steps at this time.

Step-4: If there is a “What You Can Do” section, you will get there a “Request Review” option as well like the picture below.

Request Review

You can also request a review by filling out the forms below.

  • If your ad account gets restricted or disabled due to violation of Facebook Advertising policies, fill out this form, and give the details.
  • If the account is restricted by mistakes, let them know by filling this form.

Method-2: Contact to the Facebook Business Help Center

Even after requisition of review, if your account is still restricted or disabled, you should contact the Facebook Help Center. Here we have shown the way to contact the Facebook Business Help Center.

Step-1: Go to the Facebook Business Help Center

Facebook Business Help Center

Step-2: Look for the “Find Answer to Contact Support” and click on the “Get Started” option beside.

click on the Get Started

[Remember That, To Have The Option, You Must Be an Admin of The Account]

Step-3: Now, choose the Business manager that is restricted.

Step-4: Select which issues you are getting by choosing “My Ad Account Was Disabled or Restricted”

Step-5: You will be taken to a new page. Scroll down and click “Start Chat”

Step-6: After that, you will be able to chat with a Facebook Representative.” Explain to him or her the problem you’re facing, apologies if your account got disabled due to your actions that go against their policies.

Once the conversation is done, wait until you get back your account. It may take a couple of days to be fixed. You will be notified by email if it is fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the segment, where I have answered some questions that will help you know much more about the problem.

What To Do If My Facebook Ad Account is Restricted With No Explanation?

If your account is restricted or disabled without explanation, you should chat with Facebook Live Support where a representative will talk to you, and look into your account and tell you why your ad account has been restricted or disabled. Besides, you will get instructions about what to do to remove it.

What Happens If My Facebook Account is Restricted?

When your account gets restricted, you won’t be able to manage your ads, and can’t publish new ads. This problem will continue until you fix it by contacting the support center of Facebook.

How Long Does A Facebook Restriction Last?

It will remain until you fix it. To get rid of the problem, you have to appeal to Facebook through live support. Once you appeal, it may take about 72 hours to remove the restrictions.

Final Verdict

Hopefully you have got an answer regarding why your Facebook ad account is restricted. There are several reasons that we have already mentioned in the above. If it happened to you, you should request a review to Facebook, or can appeal to Facebook through Live Chat. If you can give proper explanation, and apologies because of the rules you broke, they may fix it out within 72 hours. So, don’t need to get worried, if your Facebook ad account gets restricted.

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