Why Is My Mac Charger Yellow?

Why Is My Mac Charger Yellow

Mac chargers turning yellow means it indicates something is wrong!  So do not take it lightly as it escalates that there might be a fire risk.

But why is my mac charger turning yellow? The main reason a Mac Charger turns yellow is because of excessive exposure to heat. Overheat happens when it absorbs more power than it requires.

The exterior of the charger features a plastic coating that gets oxidized. Yellowing is pretty common when using the cable is underrated and the laptop is drawing so much power. The experience can be frustrating considering the prices of Mac chargers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mac chargers often come with cases made of thermoplastic, namely Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). This thermoplastic component becomes sensitive when exposed to overheat due to oxidation.
  • So the first and foremost measure to take is to ensure that there is no chance for high temperature or excessive power absorptions. Keep the environment cool and ventilated to avoid overheating.
  • Do not operate a highly configured programme while the charger is plugged in. it’s better not to use and turn off the device while charging.

Let’s dive deep and see the causes and whether it is dangerous.

Is It Dangerous When The Charger On My Mac Turns Yellow?

The charger turning yellow is an indication of a fault that needs rectification right away. Taking the charger to the Apple store for replacement makes sense.

However, you need to replace it with a bigger charger. You’re probably doing heavy computing that draws a lot of currents. In general, overheating any charger can be quite dangerous.

There are chances of the charger catching fire when the heat gets excessive. Make sure you monitor it during heavy usage to avoid fire accidents.

Why Is My Mac Charger Yellow?

Your Mac charger is yellow because of excessive heat in the cable. As the current passes through the charger, the cable gets warmer. In most cases, it gets oxidized and turns yellow. The yellow color is more towards the connector.

Is it a big deal? The yellow color does signify some problem with your charger. However, the yellowing is a warning that the exterior insulation of the charger is weakening.Hence sometimes it becomes a concern and requires a quick replacement.

Why Is My Mac Charger Yellow

In the long run, the cable might be prone to tearing and deformation. The yellowing color starts at the ends and eventually runs through the entire cable. Major causes are due to heat and age.

If the charger is exposed to UV light, the yellowing is accelerated. In the end, you’ll reach a point where replacing the cable makes sense.

Indeed,  it is a frustrating experience, especially for the Mac MagSafe charger.

However, despite the yellowing, the adapter remains in good condition and works just fine. Just make sure you plan to replace the cable soon.

Considering the premium price for Apple products, the yellow color is a big issue for consumers. Apple has been forced to recall some versions

Why isn’t the issue resolved  by Apple?

The process of changing color can be compared to our teeth. With age and improper care, teeth can turn yellow. Apple chargers turn yellow because they are made of plastic. Continuous exposure to heat oxidizes the exterior insulation slowly causing the charger to change color.

It is the same way a white plastic material turns yellow when exposed to chemicals. So, why hasn’t Apple solved the problem?

There are two major reasons why the problem still exists. First, there is valid ground for it to be yellow. The charger is not supposed to draw overpower or overheat. In a word, the users sometimes are more responsible for leading the charger to be yellow than the manufacturer.

Secondly, as the white colour charger needs extra care it often depends on your management. Apart from the overheating the charger turns yellow due to being left plugged in even when not in use. Also, running high configured programme keeping the charger connected to the device, leaving it exposed to direct sunlight are responsible for this yellowing.

So, Apple is fine on their point and it is you who leads yourself towards frequent replacement. And of course, the more you need to replace, the more sales Apple will generate.

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Should I Replace My Mac Charger Since It Is Turning Yellow?

In a way, you can replace the charger when the yellowing is everywhere on the cable. After all, the charger doesn’t turn yellow at once. It is a process that takes time and starts from the edges of both ends. The yellowing process speeds up when the heat is too much and the charger is exposed to UV light.

For a while, you can use the charger without any worries. However, make sure you use it in cool conditions but not freezing temperatures. Make sure there is no direct exposure to UV light when charging.

Should I Replace My Mac Charger Since It Is Turning Yellow

Additionally, you need to consider the devices used with the charger. In most cases, the charger gets hot when the Mac is drawing more current through it. Are you doing some heavy computing? If that is the case, then the yellowing is an indication you need a larger charger.

Under normal computer loads, the charger should remain cool when charging. The good news is that Apple will replace damaged chargers if they are less than one year old. However, the yellow color doesn’t necessarily mean the charger is defective. I think you’ll have to take your chances. After all, most chargers start to turn yellow in the second year of use.

How Do You Clean A Yellow Macbook Charger?

Cleaning plastic materials can be quite difficult as you can damage the protective layer. For Macbook chargers, the best way to clean them is to wipe them down using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. There are a few items you can buy to make the cleaning process seamless.

Here are a few basic materials to consider.

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Eyeglass cleaner or screen cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Cleaning the cables is super easy as they are straight without edges. Dip the microfiber cloths into some alcohol and use it to wipe down the cables. You can also use hydrogen peroxide instead of alcohol.

The alcohol will wipe down any grease and dirt on the cables. The cables will have a fresher and cleaner appearance. You can use the same to clean keyboards and mouses.

Another product that works well is wendex. However, wendex when used excessively can remove the entire protective coatings. Cleaning Mac cables is super easy with alcohol swabs and you’ll have them looking as good as new.

Is Cleaning Worth It?

Cleaning does work and makes the charger look new. However, is it worth it for yellow Mac chargers? Most methods like bleaching require the removal of the internal electronics before cleaning. This can end up damaging the charger, therefore not worth it.

Another excellent method to try is sanding the charger. Sanding does remove the yellowing without damaging the internal components. However, the new white part will also turn yellow with age. Overall, this is a good method to try out!

Lastly, you can use a gloss model paint to add another smooth white layer on top of the white layer. This method does not clean but covers the yellowing. It is by far the best way to retain good looks without damaging your chargers.

However, make sure you try the layering on a few objects before using it on your charger. You want to make sure it looks great and does not chip off easily.

Final Words

In conclusion, mac chargers turning yellow is a pretty common occurrence. It’s a clear indication the charger is heating and that heat is affecting the exterior insulation. There is little you can do about it. The yellowing is not dangerous and can be reduced by using it at cool temperatures.

However, if the yellowing gets intense, consider upgrading to a larger charger or getting a replacement altogether.

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