Why is My Mac Rejecting My AirPods?

Why is My Mac Rejecting My AirPods

AirPods deliver an unparalleled wireless music experience. It’s so simplistic, yet elegant; a perfect element of the Apple ecosystem. However, one likely problem you can encounter while connecting your Mac with AirPods is the connectivity. At times, this issue has led many to ask, “Why is my mac rejecting my AirPods?”

With good working AirPods, you can always have a wonderful audio experience. You can connect with your mobile devices and even your mac. However, there can be roadblocks connecting your AirPods with your Mac, such as battery issues, outdated OS, or Bluetooth error. This page will help you solve the problem. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Key Points:

  • Resetting the AirPods and restarting your mac can solve the connectivity issue.
  • Contacting the help desk for support can help to solve the issue.
  • Outdated MacOS can cause AirPods not to connect to your Mac computer.

Why is My Mac Rejecting My AirPods?

There are different reasons your AirPods will fail to connect with your Mac, and here are the most likely reasons.

Why is My Mac Rejecting My AirPods

Outdated Mac Operating System

Your Mac might be rejecting your AirPods because it requires a software update. This can happen when you are using AirPods with an older version of Mac OS that is not supported by your AirPods.

The current Mac version is Mac 12.0.1 Monterey. To check what MacOS you’re running, go to Apple Menu > About This Mac.

If you have an outdated mac OS, the chances that you will have issues connecting with your AirPods are high. So, one thing to do is update the mac OS. If the problem persists, you should check other reasons it will not connect.

Flat Mac Battery

If your MacBook is not charging your AirPods, you need to check your mac battery. If your AirPods are rejecting your Mac, it is likely because the Mac battery is low in power. Charge the device so that it can hold enough charge. Then you can try reconnecting the AirPods with the mac.

Airpods flat batteries

The reason your Mac rejects your AirPods may be that they are running low on battery. Luckily, AirPods don’t take long to charge. Just plug them in, and they will be ready to use again in an hour. It is as simple as that.

Conflicting Bluetooth Connections

Bluetooth issues are not new on MacOS. It happens due to some frustrating bug in the platform. Some Mac users are experiencing intermittent connection issues with their new AirPods. So, if you experience a conflicting issue, you might have to check if the AirPods are working with other Apple gadgets like an iPhone or iPad. If yes, then there’s an issue with your Mac’s Bluetooth connectivity.

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What Could be the Problem of Rejecting the Mac AirPods?

We already mentioned the most common reason above. To wrap up, if your AirPods keep disconnecting while trying to set up with your MacBook, then make sure that-

  • Your charging case is not suffering from any form of defect,
  • The AirPods have enough charge.
  • There aren’t any Bluetooth connectivity issues,
  • Bluetooth settings is set correctly,
  • Your PC is running on the latest MacOS version.

How to Fix AirPods Not Connecting to Mac?

Airpods are the most popular headphones by Apple, and people use them for MacBook or iMac. Most of the time, there are connection problems when pairing your Airpods with a Macbook. However, here are some tips to fix these problems.

How to Fix AirPods Not Connecting to Mac

Charge the AirPods

If you are trying to connect your AirPods with your MacBook and it is not connecting, a simple fix can be done by charging the AirPods with the right cable. Many users have fixed their problem by charging the AirPods for a few minutes. This seems to be the easiest way to get the AirPods working again.

One other reason is a low battery. You need to make sure that the AirPods are fully charged before you begin any troubleshooting. You can check the battery health by using the battery widget on your Mac or iPhone.

Update the MacOS to the Latest Version

Sometimes the problem is not with the AirPods but the Mac device instead. In this case, find out what Mac version you’re running. This is an effective method that has helps connect Airpods to Mac for many users.

The latest software updates might include improvements and fixes that help control connectivity problems. Before you update, make sure there is enough space on your device to avoid installation issues.

Turn On Your Bluetooth

A common AirPods problem is when the AirPods won’t connect to your iPhone or Apple device. You might not be able to connect for a couple of reasons, including connectivity issues and pairing issues. You can fix the issue easily by turning it off and then turning on the Bluetooth.

Restart the MacBook

It might sound too obvious, but in many cases, simply restarting your MacBook once can solve all your connectivity issues. To restart it, click on the Apple icon, and from the drop-down list, click Restart.

Cleaning the Charging Case

Sometimes AirPods will not connect to the Mac. It can be a frustrating issue, but luckily there are many solutions. You will want to clean the charging case. If the pods have connection issues, they may need some cleaning to fix it.

Clean the AirPods

This isn’t very popular, but cleaning your AirPods can prevent any pairing issues with your Mac. A great way to clean the AirPods is by using a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. Dip the toothbrush in the alcohol and gently rub it on the speaker mesh of each earbud. Rub the brush in a circular motion for a minute or two.

Resetting the Apple AirPods

Reset the Apple AirPods for a change. This resets Wi-Fi settings for all your connected devices, including iOS devices, Apple Watches, and Mac computers.

Contacting Apple Support

Sometimes the easiest solution is the best one. If you are having issues connecting the AirPods to a Mac, you can try contacting Apple Support to see if they have any suggestions. You should probably write down  your serial number when you call or chat with them as they often ask for this info.


Why is my mac rejecting my AirPods? Apart from the problems we discussed above, one other issue can be a third-party audio driver or audio player. Maybe the driver is not compatible with your Mac, or maybe you haven’t fully set up the audio player you installed recently.

So, it’s better to stick to official licensed apps and do a software update (if applicable) instead of using third-party apps. If nothing works out, it’s best to contact Apple support.

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