Why Is Outlook 365 For Mac Search Not Working?

Why Is Outlook 365 Not Working On Mac

Outlook 365 is one of the most popular email clients, and it is available both for Mac and Windows operating systems. Even though Outlook 365 has proven over the years to be a very reliable email client, some users have reported an issue of Outlook 365 for Mac search not working on their computers. This can be a challenge, especially if the user needs to find a specific email quickly. Thankfully, there are simple solutions to fix the problem.

Outlook 365 for Mac search not working is a common problem Mac users experience with the Outlook app. Incomplete spotlight indexing, special characters in a profile’s name, wrong Outlook folder location are some of the causes why Outlook search may not work. This piece contains the necessary details about the subject. It will take a step-by-step approach to enhance better understanding.

Why Is Outlook 365 Not Working On Mac?

Outlook 365, for the most part, runs fine on the Mac system. However, due to bugs occurring from time to time, the app’s search can stop functioning correctly. Users will see a “No result” message when searching for a specific item. When the message appears, it could be a slight incompatibility problem between how the mac’s OS and the app are built. Below are the possible causes why Outlook 365 for Mac search is not working.

Why Is Outlook 365 Not Working On Mac

Spotlight Hasn’t Completely Indexed The Data Or Has Stopped The Process Of Indexing.

Before Mac users can utilize their search features, the spotlight has to index any new information searched later. Therefore, the reason for the “No result” error maybe that spotlight hasn’t finished indexing further information.

For example, If a new profile gets added to Outlook, the spotlight will first index the profile. So, if the user is searching while Outlook is indexing the new profile, they may see the “No result” error message.

The simple solution to the problem mentioned above is to wait. The waiting process will give enough time for the spotlight to finish its indexing. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that the spotlight index has gotten corrupted. If the spotlight index is corrupted, Mac users might have to get the spotlight to re-index all their Outlook messages.

An Outlook Update needs To be Installed:

It is good practice for users to update the apps on their Mac computers regularly. Mac users may encounter the “no result” error because the Outlook app needs an update. If there are any pending updates, the user should ensure that they are updated.

Special Characters In The Name Of The Profile:

If the user’s Outlook profile contains special characters, the user will get the “no result” error when searching. Special characters such as (-), (!), (/), (\), (*), and others could cause the Outlook search not to function correctly.

If The Outlook Profile Folder Is In A Wrong Directory:

The Outlook profile folder should be in a specific directory, and that directory is ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9. Office/Outlook. If the Outlook profile ends up in any other folder apart from the one mentioned above, the Outlook app user will start to have problems with the app’s search feature.

User’s Profile Is Listed In The Privacy Tab Of Spotlight:

If an item gets listed in the privacy tab of the spotlight, the spotlight will not be allowed to access the item. This could also be why users encounter problems using the app’s search.

Outlook 365 for Mac Search Not Working: How To Fix It?

When the Outlook search feature stops working, the first thing is to check the spotlight privacy tab. If there are no items in the privacy tab, users can check the profile folder name or update their Outlook app. In addition, Mac system owners can also prompt the spotlight to re-index their Outlook profile.

People should note that after using the fixes mentioned in this article, Outlook search may not start to work immediately. This is because the spotlight may take some time before it finishes indexing all the data in the Outlook profile. Therefore, it is best to give the spotlight some time to index before attempting the next fix. Below are some quick steps to fix Outlook 365 for Mac search not working.

Outlook 365 for Mac Search Not Working

Step 1- Check The Privacy Tab Of Spotlight

If the user’s profile is listed in the spotlight privacy tab, the chances are high that the profile listed in the privacy tab will cause the search results to come back as “no results found.” The simple fix is to open the Apple menu and navigate to their system preferences. Then, the user can click the spotlight icon and select privacy.

If the user’s Outlook profile is listed in the privacy tab, they should select it and click the (-) button. Clicking the (-) bottom will automatically remove the Outlook profile from the privacy tab. After the profile is successfully removed, the user can then restart the Mac, open their Outlook and check if the search problem is resolved.

Step 2- Check The Outlook Profile Name For Special Characters

Mac owners experiencing search problems with their Outlook 365 can check their profile names to see any special characters.  If there are special characters, the profile owner can remove them using these simple steps. First, the user will navigate to the Application folder on their Mac, look for the Outlook icon, and right-click it.

The following process is to select the Show Package Content and open the Contents folder. Next, the user should open the SharedSupport folder and click twice on the Outlook Profile Manager. The Outlook profile manager will allow the user to check the profile name for special characters.

If there are special characters in the profile name, the user should open the Go menu and click Go to Folder. The user should then copy and paste the following folder location into the folder and tap enter ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9. Office/Outlook. Copying and pasting the link above will open a folder. The folder should be renamed, but this time without any special characters.

Step 3- Install Updates

The final step is to check if any updates need installation. Sometimes, if the Outlook app version is old, it may trigger a search error. Mac users who wish to update the app should go to applications and start the App Store app. Then they should check the left panel and click on Update.

If there are any pending updates for Outlook 365, the user s hould click on the update button and wait as the update installs. After the update, the user can restart the Mac and check whether the search errors are gone.


It is not new for Mac users to run into an Outlook 365 for Mac search not working error when attempting to use their Outlook app. While the error may be disturbing, especially if the user needs to search quickly, the error can be easily fixed. A simple solution such as renaming the profile folder without special characters can promptly solve the problem.

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