Why Is The Discord Not Showing Streaming?

Why Is The Discord Not Showing Streaming

Streaming with Discord helps you grow your audience, connects you with a community of gamers, and opens up opportunities for sponsorships. However, many gamers complain about discord not showing streaming, and we will address that with the solution on this page.

Your discord might not show streaming because you have probably disabled the feature on your account. However, you can solve the issue by going to your settings, clicking on games, and then turning off your “display current running game” as your status message. Also, you can enable the streaming mode from the user settings.

If the problem isn’t with your firewall or security software, then the two methods I just mentioned above should fix the issue for you.

Many people experience this same issue, and at one point, it was a turn-off for me, but I figured out a way to solve the issue. It was never a tedious thing to do. Just switching off and on the streaming mode will solve the issue for you only if there are no other issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Discord not showing streaming is a common problem that a lot of people are having
  • Discord, not streaming, can be fixed by enabling the streamer mode in the user settings
  • Discord makes it easy to engage with your fans during streams. You can use the app’s text and voice chat function to connect with them, which keeps them engaged and helps you grow as a streamer.
  • You need a streaming platform such as YouTube or Twitch to enjoy the best of discord.

What Is Discord Streamer Mode?

You might have heard of Discord Streamer Mode if you are a gamer. So, I believe it is not strange to you. However, for those who do not know what it is, let me take you through what it is.

Discord Streamer Mode is a recently introduced feature that gamers or anyone use to talk with their Twitch audience in real-time. You can bring viewers directly into the conversation and even show off your webcam, so they feel like they’re in the same room as you.

It’s perfect for those who want to show off their gaming or creative projects or hang out with their friends while working on something.

With Streamer Mode, you can stream games, share images, and even record videos on the fly. You can also host a game session and play with your buddies directly from Discord.

No streamer uses discord and speaks less of the feature. On all grounds, discord has proven to be an incredibly useful tool for streamers, especially if you’re looking to build a community. It’s free, easy to use, and accessible from any device.

Discord offers a few features that make it the perfect place for streamers:

  1. It has a chat room where people can hang out together in real-time. You can create a separate chat room for each of your streams or one for all of them. You can also create public and private channels for each game or genre.
  2. Discord has voice chat built-in with no need to download anything else. Just plug in a mic and start talking.
  3. The app is available on mobile devices and computers, so viewers can stay connected even when they’re on the go.

How Can You Use Discord Streamer Mode?

The major problem of most issuers has been traced to the fact that they do not know how to use the discord streamer mode. However, it is not hard to do. So, let us quickly check to solve this issue before we get on the benefits you get from using discord.

You need to integrate discord using your favorite streaming platform

You need to integrate your streaming platform. There are different options, and the popular ones are YouTube and Twitch, but I prefer Twitch for a reason best known to me.

discord streaming platform

So, to do this, follow the step below:

Launch the discord

  • Click on settings
  • Choose connections
  • Then choose integrations
  • Select the platform you love to use and integrate it with your discord account
  • Go ahead to sync it

enable the Xsplit software

You have to enable the Xsplit software

Every gamer must be familiar with this. It is a platform that helps capture gameplay for recording or streaming purposes.

  • Go on and download Xsplit
  • Give access to your discord account
  • Go ahead to customize the overlay

Enable the discord streamer mode

To do this, follow the step:

  • Launch the discord
  • Go to user settings
  • Click on the streamer mode
  • Enable the streamer mode, and you are set to stream.

Enable the streamer mode

Benefit Of A Discord For A Streamer

Before we go through why your discord is not streaming, let me share with you some benefits you are missing if you are not on discord.

Here are some of the benefits of using Discord as your main method of communication with your viewers:

  1. Discord allows you to chat with your viewers while playing games or doing other things, like streaming on Twitch. It’s a great way to interact with your audience off-screen, and it also helps build community.
  2. Streamers can filter who has access to the server, so only people who have been verified as fans will be able to view it. This helps keep out trolls, bots, and other unwanted visitors.
  3. Streamers can use Discord to connect with their fans outside of living streams. They can send direct messages throughout the day or night whenever they want to talk directly with someone without stopping what they’re doing at the time.
  4. It’s free, so it won’t cost you anything to get started
  5. It provides an easy way for people to find your stream and connect with other people watching it. It can help you grow your audience and gain more followers interested in what you’re offering.
  6. It helps you build a community around your channel by connecting with other streamers who might help each other out with tips and advice on how to improve their streams.

Those are some of the benefits you enjoy if you decide to be part of the discord family. There is no family. All I mean is that you have lots of benefits to enjoy using streaming with discord.

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Why Is The Discord Not Showing Streaming?

As good as discord is, it has its downtime, and one major one common among users is that discord is not showing streaming.

Why Is The Discord Not Showing Streaming

Some users have reported that they cannot see the streaming option in their Discord app. This means that they cannot stream their gameplay to other users on the same server. But what exactly could be the problem?

There are several reasons why your Discord client may not show streams from other users on your server:

  1. You have recently upgraded your version of Discord without uninstalling the old version first (this process is known as “side-loading”).
  2. If you have done this, some conflicts need resolving before everything works correctly again. The best way to get over this issue is by uninstalling both versions of Discord and then reinstalling only one of them.
  3. Is your server’s “streaming” permission enabled? If you’re not sure, please check out our guide on enabling this permission above.
  4. If you are using Twitch, you have yet to add your Twitch username to your Discord account profile.

How To Fix Discord Not Showing Streaming?

The Discord not showing streaming is a common problem that can be fixed easily. When the Discord is not showing streaming, the first thing you should do is restart your device. It will solve most of the problems related to streaming in Discord.

If restarting your device does not solve the problem, then it’s time for some troubleshooting. First, you need to check if the issue is with your router or internet connection. If you are using an older router, you should try upgrading it as soon as possible.

Also, you should try and check if you have enabled the streamer mode in the user settings. You can check the section above on how to do this. If the streamer mode is off, there is no way the streaming will show.

If all of this fails, the problem may be with your PC or laptop itself, and the culprits might be your malware or security system. If Your PC is the issue, then you should reinstall or upgrade your PC software to fix the issue.


If you are a gamer and find it appealing to jump on Discord, finding it hard to stream can be frustrating.  Discord not showing streaming is the major challenge for most discord users, and that can easily be fixed with a simple step.

I have shared on this page all that you need to know. Enabling the streamer mode in the user setting can solve the issue only if there are no other reasons for the problem.

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