Why Is Tiktok Cutting My Clips Short?

Why Is Tiktok Cutting My Clips Short

I have had TikTok for a while now, and I love it. It’s great for making videos and getting likes, but recently I’ve noticed that my clips are getting cut short, especially when I’m recording longer videos. The question is, why is TikTok cutting my clips short, and that is what I have to share with you on this page.

TikTok is cutting your clips short because you are using sound with your video and TikTok gives a 15-60 seconds sound format on their platform. So, if you use any custom sound with your clips, then TikTok will cut it to fit the 15-60 second format automatically to fit the TikTok format.

Also, some other reasons TikTok is cutting your clips, such as accidentally selecting the trim option when editing the video. Apart from trimming yourself, the TikTok format thus makes every post on their platform shareable, which is one reason for cutting your clip.

Why Is TikTok Cutting My Clips Short?

There are a few reasons TikTok is cutting your clips short, but the common one is that they have a format that ensures you don’t violate copyright policy. However, there is more to it, and below are some reasons TikTok keeps cutting your clips short.

Why Is Tiktok Cutting My Clips Short

1. TikTok Has A Clip Size Format

TikTok has a video size format, which means that the length of your videos can be limited. The length of your videos is determined by how many seconds they would take to play if you uploaded them to TikTok. The more time it takes to upload, the more likely TikTok will cut your clips short.

Tiktok Has A Clip Size Format

You can only upload 60 seconds of video on TikTok. It is impossible to exceed that, and TikTok has banned those who tried. However, your video upload can be shorter than 60 seconds if you use the custom sound on TikTok.

The sound has a 15-second duration, meaning the clips will stop where the sounds stop, irrespective of how long your clips are.

2. You Use The Trim Option

Your clips on TikTok can also be shortened if you use the trim option when editing your clips. The mistake is common among those who are new to the platform. So, if your clip is shortened because of human error, you can make the right decision when you next upload another clip.

You Use The Trim Option

Why Is TikTok Cutting My Sound Short?

Many TikTok users experience the same issue, and I am not excluded. After several research and findings, I realized TikTok didn’t reveal the reason for this issue. That means It will keep on going on that way until you find a solution.

However, I have a solution to this issue, and I will share it with you. You need to record your videos in your camera app and not on Tiktok.

Why Is Tiktok Cutting My Sound Short

Once you have done that, just get on your TikTok and click the plus sign to create a new video. Select the preferred sound you want to use and use the green screen video effect for it. Crop your video to where you want it to start and ensure that you align with the lines of the sound. Go ahead to record the video using the green screen, and then the sound will play to the end.

How Do I Make My Clips Longer On TikTok?

Take note that you can never extend the clips on TikTok beyond the custom 60 seconds. So, if you are trying to extend the clips to 60 seconds on the app, you should ensure you are not using the sound on the platform.

Also, you can do this by going to the settings and then choosing the clip length before you render the clips. You can do this also by holding the three lines on the preview page of your video screen and then dragging up and down to where you want the clips to be.


TikTok is a great entertainment app because it lets you share your videos with the world. There are so many ways to use TikTok: you can create a profile and share your own videos or follow other users who have similar interests and watch their videos. You can also like and comment on the videos of other people.

However, there is a limitation to the length of the clips you can upload and share on the platform. This is seen as a major setback for some, but it is the way the platform operates. Also, one of the issues most users face is cutting short clips, and I have addressed that in this post on why is TikTok cutting my clips short.

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