Wi-Fi Router Radiation Safe Distance: What is ideal?

Wi-Fi Router Radiation Safe Distance

Wi-Fi routers have slowly become a part and parcel of modern life.  Some argue that the Internet will become a fundamental resource in our life whose existence will be just like air or water. And all of that starts with the WiFi and router. But routers also pose some risks which might amount to health hazards over time.

That said, what is the Wi-Fi router radiation safe distance? The ideal safe distance from a router should be over 15 to 30 feet. The distance should at least be 20 feet for children and in no way less than 10 feet. This is the ideal range to avoid router radiation.

Interested to know more? Read along as we explore different aspects of the matter.

Do Wi-Fi Routers Emit Harmful Radiation?

There isn’t any direct answer to this. We know that radiations are absorbed by the human body and they can significantly alter the internal mechanisms.

Whether the effect will be bad or benign depends on the type of radiation and radiated composition. To this day, there is no conclusive evidence that EMF radiation from WiFi routers poses significant health hazards.

Do Wi-Fi Routers Emit Harmful Radiation

However, it is still a form of radiation and there are reports of health complications albeit at a very low rate.

So while the radiation from the router isn’t harmful per se, it still poses the risk of certain complications based on a person’s medical conditions. Another drawback is the lack of data on the long-term usage of WiFi as the technology is still fairly new.

Wi-Fi Router Radiation Safe Distance

We already established that the ideal safe distance is 15 to 30 feet. But it often becomes difficult to calculate and strategically position the router on a linear unit like “foot”. Fortunately, you can manually calculate the safe distance to position your router. Here’s how.

Wi-Fi Router Radiation Safe Distance

The Inverse Square Law

If you’re not familiar with physics principles then buckle up. According to the established theories of radiation, the impact of RF or EMF radiation can be calculated with P*G/4Πr2 notation.

Here P is the radiation level, G is the gain from the router and the denominator is just a basic formula for spheres. The r is the distance from the router.

The value of P ranges from 30 mW to 500 mW for standard routers whereas the value of G stands between 1.3 to 7.

Now putting the distance, you will get the intensity value. Note that the lower intensity you get, the lesser the radiation impact. We’ve calculated a distance chart for your convenience.

Router Radiation Router Gain Distance Intensity
30 mW 2.5 3 m 0.665
30 mW 2.5 6 m 0.166
30 mW 2.5 12 m 0.041
30 mW 2.5 15 m 0.026

The EMF Meter

If you’re willing to spare a few bucks then the EMF meter can be a great way to calculate the safe distance from your router. According to the established safety limit, aim for anywhere between 3 mW/mto 6 mW/m2 reading level on the counter. Place it there and you’re good to go.

What Is the Effect Of Wi-Fi Radiation On The Human Body?

We discussed above how there isn’t any conclusive evidence to suggest that the RF or EMP radiated from the WiFi router are responsible for widespread health hazards.

What Is the Effect Of Wi-Fi Radiation On The Human Body

Since the technology has been around for far less time to deduce a conclusive verdict, it’s still important to be safe from it as it’s the same form of radiation found in mobile devices.

That said, here are some of the negative effects of high-density RF radiation.

Growth and Development

A child exposed to a continued high level of RF exposure might show symptoms of stunted mental growth which is often mistaken as a precursor to autism.

In addition to that, there is another hemorrhagic complication in the brain for older people which might lead to a terminal diagnosis. It is also reported to induce a high level of oxidative stress in working people.

Reproductive Complications

Exposure to severe levels of RF radiation may result in reduced reproductive ability both in males and females. It can also lead to complete loss of reproductive ability over time.


While cancer isn’t directly linked with RF radiation from WiFi, it is still induced by the mobile devices that we use on a regular basis. For example, a high level of smartphone radiation is directly linked with brain and breast cancer over prolonged usage.

Testing Your Wi-Fi Router for EMF Radiation

Unfortunately, there is no DIY method to calculate the EMF radiation on a Wi-Fi router. The best possible solution is to get an EMF radiation meter which will give an accurate reading of the EMF level in the surrounding area.

Follow the steps below to get the correct values from the EMF meter.

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi router and take a base reading. The base reading should be taken at different corners of the house. It should generally range between 30 to 90 mW with the router turned off.
  • Next, turn on the router and take a reading from the front. It should be over 300 mW. Now move across your house to different rooms and corners. The reading should fluctuate based on the distance you’re at.
  • Generally, the lowest reading indicates the highest direct distance from the router.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Wi-Fi Radiation?

There are several ways to protect yourself from Wi-Fi radiation. Some of them are absolutely free while some will require a little upfront investment.

Using Physical Blocks

One of the most common ways to block EMF radiation is to use Faraday’s cage. This cage-like structure is said to reduce EMF radiation by over 99%. In addition to that, radiation-resistant installments and paints can be used as well.

Router Guard

This is a standalone device used along with the router which can significantly reduce EMF interference. It doesn’t compromise on the upload/download speed all the while ensuring lower radiation.

Corner Setup

This is a simple DIY trick. Try and locate a secluded corner in the room. Check whether it’s at a lower EMF level than other areas. Simply set up the router there for reduced EMF radiation.

Avoid Repeater

Many people use WiFi repeaters to boost WiFi signals. Repeaters also increase the overall EMF radiation and multiply the existing threat. So it’s better to not use any repeater altogether.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi

We understand that Wi-Fi is a constant need in modern times. But are you really using it 24/7? Not really right?

Turn off the Wi-Fi router when you’re sleeping or doing other productive work that doesn’t involve the internet. You will see that the router stays off for a surprisingly long time each day.

What To Do If You’re Experiencing Negative Health Effects from Wi-Fi Radiation?

Again, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that there exists a negative health effect from exclusive WiFi radiation. Some complications might arise from other sources of RF and EMF like mobile devices.

The best course of action is to seek medical advice from the doctor and induce a radiation detox. The best way to go about it is to stop using EMF radiating devices altogether or grossly minimize the usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know every nook and corner regarding Wi-Fi radiation, let’s move on to other frequently asked questions regarding the same.

Does turning off Wi-Fi stop radiation?

Yes, it does. In fact, once you turn off the router, the radiation also stops simultaneously.

Can you be too close to a Wi-Fi router?

Yes, staying right beside or directly in front of a Wi-Fi router is considered too close to radiation. Needless to say, it exposes you to a high level of RF and EMF radiation.

Does aluminum foil block Wi-Fi radiation?

Yes, aluminum foil can block Wi-Fi radiation. But it has to be completely sealed and it also reduces the connectivity speed significantly.

Do cell phones emit radiation when using Wi-Fi?

Yes, they do. Not just while using Wi-Fi, cell phones emit radiation through the mobile network connection as well.

Is it safe to have a Wi-Fi router in the bedroom?

Typically it’s better not to have a Wi-Fi router in your bedroom. But that also depends on the size of the room and the corner positions. If it’s a large room with ample space and a blocked corner, you can safely set up your router in the bedroom.


Wi-Fi has become an intrinsic part of daily life since its inception. It’s fast and significantly cheaper than its mobile counterpart. But it also emits RF and EMF radiation which depending on the person, might be a health hazard.

Whether it actually poses any kind of health hazard or not, it’s better to stay protected against it. Realistically, it’s not possible to stop using Wi-Fi altogether, but the least that can be done is to minimize the harmful effects created by it.

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