Best 5 Add Text to Video -Free Software 2019

Add Text to Video free software are available to edit the text to the videos. You can easily add text to any picture. But it is not easy to add text to a video. However, if you are searching for free software, I have made a list for you. Besides, that software is easy to use. Without knowing much about video editing, you can use these programs on your computer. Moreover, some software are not only for text editing to the video but also for some other video editing purposes. So, you can now choose a video editing free software from my list.

Five Add Text to Video free software

All these five Add Text to Video free software are suitable for the beginner and also a professional video editor. The straightforward interface of the software proves that. However, let’s see the brief descriptions of video text editor software.

Windows Live Movie Maker

It is not only text editing software. With this one, you can do some video editing. This simple program is for him who does not know the video editing work. So, you can use this software without a video editing experience before. Besides, it is free software. With this one, add text like the title and captions with your video. However, there are some text editing tools to make any change, like font color, size, transparency, etc. Download and experience it.

AVS Video Editor

This one comes with many tools for editing transitions and giving effects on the video. Besides, the interface of the AVS Video Editor is very much user-friendly. You can adjust the audio, video, text, and others with this softer smoother. With the text editing tools of this software, you can edit text color, font, size, alignment, and many more. This link is to download this editor software.

Subtitle Edit

It is another free and open-source software that allows you to edit text and others for your videos such as creating, translating, video editing, converting the format of the subtitle, etc. It is so more comfortable that you can use it without any wrong. Besides, you will find several language options. Download this tool and enjoy your editing.

YouTube Movie Maker

It is another free software to add text to the video. This software comes with a lot of features and works as a powerful one to edit video. Besides, you can edit your videos and upload them to your YouTube channel easily with this tool. The smooth and clean interface, options of text editing tools make this software accessible to the users. The download link is here.


This small editor is to edit videos for AVI format. You can use it to edit the video to make them clean. Besides, it provides the option to import gif files as AVI video clips easily. Without any hard work, you can give the text to your video. So, you can try it from here.

Besides them, there is some other Add Text to Video free software. The people who occasionally need to use this type of tool can try anyone of them.

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