Can A Bad Ethernet Cable Slow Down Internet?

Imagine your internet connection working at a fine pace and suddenly the speed drops down. Frustrating, isn’t it? Sometimes you may have a hard time downloading a file or even watching a movie online. The problem may not be with your internet speed but the quality of the ethernet cable you are using. But of the truth, can a bad ethernet cable slow down internet?

Yes, a bad ethernet cable can slow down your internet. Truthfully, bad ethernet cables are often the cause of internet speed becoming too slow. If a cable is not shielding well, it may provide little to no protection against interference, leading to data loss.

Having a good ethernet cable to transmit your internet services is very important, especially in areas that receive poor internet speeds. A good ethernet cable will allow higher internet speed and fewer problems with lag.

The bottom line is that a slow internet speed can be linked to a bad ethernet cable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exposing your ethernet cable to heat, moisture, and sun can affect the productivity and lifespan of the cable.
  • Keeping your router closer with little or no signal interference will help increase the internet speed.
  • An old ethernet cable will always malfunction because of the higher chance of copper oxidation.
  • Choosing the right internet service provider can influence your internet speed and performance.
  • Improper handling can shorten the lifespan of your ethernet cable. Therefore, you should learn to handle it properly.

How Do I Know If My Ethernet Cable Is Bad?

Have you ever wondered if your Ethernet cable is bad? The first sign of a bad ethernet cable is the slowing down of Internet speed. Another common sign is when your devices abruptly get disconnected from the network and when some devices get slower connection than others.

If you notice any of these signs I’m going to discuss below, it might be time to replace your Ethernet cable because they are an indication that the ethernet cable is bad.

How Do I Know If My Ethernet Cable Is Bad

Frequent Connection Loss

Your ethernet cable wiring might be bad if you have frequent connection problems. If your Ethernet cable is working, you shouldn’t notice any loss of connectivity. Your modem should be sending a signal and your router receiving it.

If you experience frequent loss of connection, it is a sign that either the modem is not sending the signal or the router can’t receive any signal. Either of the two can cause loss of connection, and you will have to run a diagnostic test to know where the problem is coming from.

Slow Internet Speed

Do you think the internet speed is slower than usual, especially when multiple users are online simultaneously? Or worse, do you lose internet connection altogether? A bad ethernet cable could be one of the reasons.

Once you notice that your internet is slow and takes donkey years to load just a page, you should test your Internet speed and check for signal interference. With this, you can find out what went wrong with the cable.

Damaged Cables

Well, it’s obvious! If you have been experiencing problems with your Internet connection or seeing signs of physical damage to the cable, such as fraying cables, cracks, or rust, it could be time to replace the cable.

Damages to the cable could be a result of many things. It could be that the cables are old, or some rodent feast on the cables, and many more. Getting a replacement is a right thing to do if you find any damage to the cable.

Other Connectivity Problem

Most connectivity problems can be traced to a bad electrical connection or weak signal. Both of these problems are caused by that one thing- faulty cables. Over time, even the best Ethernet cables can wear and tear, affecting signal strength.

Therefore, you should check your ethernet cable when you keep facing connectivity issues with the internet connection.

Can a Bad Ethernet Cable Slow Down Internet?

There are many reasons that your internet connection can slow down, such as distance, hardware failure, software issues, the ethernet cable being outdated, damaged, or worn out. So, if you are wondering if a bad ethernet cable can slow down your connection, then the answer is yes.

Can A Bad Ethernet Cable Slow Down Internet

A cable that is improperly wired, or is simply not good enough, can cause data to slow down as it travels. If you have run many tests and each time your internet runs slowly, a bad ethernet cable may be the culprit.

The truth is that any time you use an ethernet cable wiring, there is a chance that the signal will get interrupted by unwanted particles or interference in the cable itself.

Sometimes, these problems are minor, but can still affect your network performance. If you have to replace a cable because of conflicting signals that damage the data flow, it is important to do something about it immediately if it affects your performance.

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What Causes an Ethernet Cable to Go Bad?

Ethernet cables often go bad due to accidentally being bent the wrong way or having their ends crushed. Every time you move your cable, you are putting stress on the cable, which adds up over time and can cause it to fail.

Also, the conditions in which an ethernet cable is stored may play a role. Heat, sunlight, vibrations, and dusty environments can eventually damage your cable. Below are the main factors that can make your ethernet cable connection go bad.

What Causes an Ethernet Cable to Go Bad

Mechanical Damage

A network line or cable will be damaged by bending, twisting, and other forms of mechanical damage. It is one of the reasons you should never use ethernet cables where there are pets and children.

Also, extending the cable and wrapping the cable around sharp corners will take a toll on most cables. Snagging the cable on one of your electronics may damage the cable as well. To make things worse, handling the cable incorrectly can cause the connector to separate from the wires inside.

Environmental Damage

Environmental damage can influence ethernet cables to go bad. Most common environmental factors are moisture, heat, dirt, and direct sunlight. These factors can also void a manufacturer’s warranty. So, keeping your computer and peripherals in a safe environment is important.

Also, you can reduce the chance of wear and tear by regularly maintaining your cables. With proper maintenance, you should be able to lengthen their lifespan. Also, ensure you store your cables safely, so they are not damaged from impacts or from bending too much.

The bottom line is that any cable exposed to a harsh environment is bound to break.

Improper Storage

Ethernet cables tend to break down over time, and the quickest and most common way for this to happen is improper storage. If you don’t store your Ethernet cable properly, it could cause the copper conductors inside to oxidize and break down, which then causes incomplete transmission.

In fact, the most common mistake people make when storing their Ethernet cables is not having them properly wrapped up. Ethernet cables are made from many different components and can experience many different issues that cause them to fail or become unusable. And improper storage is one of the leading reasons for a bad ethernet cable.

Age of the Ethernet Cable

You may not always know when the ethernet cables you use will go bad, but if a cable has passed its prime, some things are easily noticeable. When buying cables for your network, take a close look at the age of a cable. The older it is, the higher the chances are of it going bad.

Old cables are more likely to have oxidation built up internally and externally because they have been exposed to air and moisture for a longer period than previously manufactured cables. So, you should get new cables if you find out the one you are using is old and malfunctioning.

How Do You Make the Internet Run Faster with a Good Ethernet Cable?

Good Ethernet cables can make all the difference in terms of internet speed. It helps transfer files to and from your computer as quickly as possible. A well-made Ethernet cable is a great investment because good cables last longer and deliver a more reliable connection than cheap alternatives.

How Do You Make the Internet Run Faster with a Good Ethernet Cable

However, how can you make your internet run faster? Follow the tips I’ve listed below and make the internet run faster today!

Right Router Positioning

You need to consider how you place your router for best performance. The Internet runs fast, without a doubt. But the shorter the distance a cable has to cover the faster the speed will be. If the router is placed in the corner of a room, you’ll need longer cable that may have to go around furniture or walls. It may not be close enough to allow effective operation through exterior walls if placed outside the room.

So, if you notice your Internet feels slow, you may be able to increase your Internet speed by repositioning your router. When your PC and router are placed side by side, with no obstruction, faster internet speed is guaranteed.

Prevent Signal Interference

To make your internet run faster, you need a good ethernet connection. You can do a few things to make it faster, but you should first prevent interference. Therefore, to make sure that your Internet renders smoothly and quickly, use an Ethernet cable wiring made with the latest technology. It will help minimize signal interference and neutralize excessive noise to preserve bandwidth.

Upgrade Router

Upgrading your router is also one of the ways you can increase your internet speed. Your router may be weak due to old age or some other factors. So, it can’t get you the speed you demand from it anymore.

In this kind of situation, getting an upgrade will do lots of wonders with your internet speed. Also, if you are overloading the router, it will slow down the speed. Therefore, you should only load the router with the right number of connections for efficient results.

Quality Internet Service Provider

You need a good internet service provider to make your internet run faster. Therefore, you need to make a wise decision by choosing a quality network provider. There are many out there, and you should choose the one with the best reviews or recommendations.


Every part of an ethernet cable is vital to your high-speed internet connection and needs to be in proper working order. So, if you are experiencing a low or slow internet connection, it could be that your ethernet cable is bad.

From all that I’ve mentioned on this page, I hope you’ll get your answer for, “can a bad ethernet cable slow down internet?” It is prevalent that your slow internet connection could be traced down to the condition of your ethernet cable wiring. However, if you ever notice your ethernet cable is malfunctioning, you should run a signal or internet test before you conclude the cable is bad.

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