Can I Move My WiFi Router To Another House?

Can I move my wifi router to another house? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Many people ask the same thing while moving into a new house. A router is not just a small and insignificant tool in the house. It plays a vital role in connecting and sharing the internet, files, and other information among the people in the house. So, to understand whether you can move your wifi router and how, is the real deal.

You can move your Wi-Fi router to another location as long as you have a power source and an ISP service in the new place. So, if you plan to relocate your wireless router, make sure that the location you choose is in line with the current wireless router.

The only challenge you might have faced is with the network or internet signal issue. If you encounter any issue with the installation or any configuration whatsoever, you can always call on your internet service provider. Your IPS will do a great job of setting up your router and ensuring you stay connected in your new house.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your house internet signal/location can affect your internet connection.
  • You should allow your service provider to help with moving your router and its installation.
  • A router is a great device that keeps you, and anyone around you connected to the internet.

What Role Does a Wi-Fi Router Play in a Home?

At home, wi-fi routers are instrumental in allowing you access to wireless internet connection. With a router, you can connect multiple computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the Internet simultaneously.

Also, a wireless router in your home allows multiple household members from any spot in your house to be online simultaneously. In addition, your Wi-Fi router acts as the bridge between your internet connection and every device and gadget that requires Internet access in your home.

What Role Does a Wi-Fi Router Play in a Home

Therefore, when choosing a WiFi router for your home, you want to keep in mind several things, including speed, distance from the access point, security, and overall budget for the device.

Can I Move My WiFi Router to another House?

Yes, you can move your wifi router to another house. You can take it with you when you shift to a new house, apartment, or dorm. It’s actually quite easy to do. You won’t even need any help from others to move the router either. The only challenge you might face is getting the connection up and going in your new house.

Routers are plug-in devices. You connect it to a power outlet, connect the Ethernet, and make sure you have an ISP subscription for Internet access. Although it doesn’t matter which house you live in, you may need to contact the internet service provider to help you with some hardware installation. Also, you need to consider some factors when moving your routers to a new apartment or house.

Can I Move My WiFi Router to another House

When moving the router, you need to consider the device location in the new house, the signal strength, and quality. Once you are sure that the router can work optimally at its peak, then you can go ahead to install your router in your new house. Otherwise, you might have to opt for a new way to get internet service into your home.

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How do I Move My WiFi Router to Another House?

Many of us move out routers when we move into a new home. And if you are not too keen on setting up your network, it can get pretty stressful to figure out how to get it all done. Regardless of what happens, here is how you can move the router from your home to another.

Unplug the router

Well, it’s obvious. Before you start packing the router inside a box, you need to disconnect all the wiring.

So, trace all cables and ensure you disconnect all. Trace the router to the power socket and ensure you disconnect it from there too. Once you notice all wires and cables have been disconnected, you can move on to the next task.

Pack the router in a safe box

We have all moved at one point, and most of us have forgotten something when it is time to move to our new home. Therefore, to avoid leaving your router behind and keep it safe from any damage, you should pack up and store it inside a safe box. The packaging that came with the router is the best option in this case.

However, if you can’t find the device box, you can pack it somewhere safe (with bubble wrapper) so that it can not get damaged by coming in contact with any hard object. Also, you should place it somewhere that can be hard for you to forget it behind.

Unpack and connect in a new house

You can easily move your WiFi router to a new house. All you need are easy steps to connect all of your internet-connected devices to the new location. It can be a tedious task for you if you have little or no knowledge of what to do.

So, you should call on experts such as your internet service provider to come over to your new house and help with the installation. It saves you time and energy, but you have to pay some money for their services.

Connect to your devices

Once your service provider has done all they have to do, you should sync the router with your devices to ensure that all is working perfectly. You should ensure you test all devices you are using in your previous home before you finalize the deal with the service experts you have around.

If the ISP suggests you change the wifi password, choose something that truly preserves a safe and secure connection. After all, a strong wifi password is essential for your overall internet security.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer the Internet from one House to Another?

While the time it takes to complete a wireline Internet transfer can be variable, usually, it takes about a day or two, but sometimes more. In most cases, the internet service provider experts can give the accurate time duration for the transfer.

So, if you are considering moving from one house to another, and you intend to transfer your internet, you should discuss the best possible means with your service provider.


Most people keep asking “can I move my wifi router to another house?” It’s only natural, however, as good quality routers don’t come cheap. The truth is that it is much easier to do than you think it is. Moving your router from one home to another should not be a source of headache for you if you plan ahead.

All you have to do is properly disconnect and pack the router, move into the new location, call your ISP, and they’ll do the rest.

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