How To Get More Students On Italki?

How To Get More Students On Italki

Italki is one of the best platforms for exploring your teaching talents. You can earn a handsome amount as a teacher in Italki. The major thing to get started as a teacher is more connection with your students.

As a new teacher in Italki, you may be tense about getting students. Don’t worry, by following some simple tips and tricks, you may get a huge number of students. In this article, we are going to wrap up everything to get more students on Italki.

How to get more students on Italki? After completing your registration process as a teacher on Italki, you need to do some tasks to get students that include setting up a compelling teacher profile with a perfect photo, attractive introducing video, teaching skills, offering competitive prices, trial lessons, package deals, potential activity, detail, and clear lesson description, and asking referral from students.

Do You Get Students On Italki?

The most challenging thing for a new teacher in Italki is getting students. If you are not reaching your students enough, you must have to complete some steps. But don’t be disappointed.

Because most of the successful Italki teachers have passed the same challenges. Remember, almost 5 million students from over 100 countries are on this platform. The only thing you need to do is to win your student’s hearts, by some fair shot.

At present, you may find only 2-3 students per week. But after doing the following tweaks, you might get an irresistible 10-20 students per week.

How To Get More Students On Italki?

In this part of the article, we are going to discuss step by step, all that you need to do, to get more students on Italki.

How To Get More Students On Italki

Exact Profile Setting

After signing up as a teacher, the most important thing is to set up a good-looking profile. Because learners don’t know about you and your teaching capabilities. They will justify you by overviewing your profile.

To generate a successful teacher profile you need to add some items such as:

Profile Picture

You need to upload a professional photo for your Italki profile. The photo should be smiley, clear background, and be captured from up the shoulders. It should appear coming and clear enough to attract your students.

Short And Clear Introduction

Must add a short description about yourself, what type of students you may teach better, and why your lessons are better than the others.

Add your previous teaching experience. If you have been teaching in any definite language and country before, write a line in that language.

Make a list of your language ability and teaching techniques. This should be a self-explanation of yourself.

All of the languages you comprehend and are apt to teach are your language skills. It will help your students to decide on your teaching.

Moreover, add some evidence of your professional teaching experience, job experience, teaching style, and success. Thus clear it to the students, why should they choose you? Why are you different from others?

Introducing Video

This introduction video is the most effective thing about the Italki profile.

We suggest you upload the video to youtube and then embed the video to your Italki profile. It is better to ‘unlisted’ your video on youtube so that the general youtube viewer cannot see your video. Your video outlook should be like the below picture.

The video should be unique and must reflect your personality to stand out.

Price Rate And Free Lessons

Proper pricing and a free trial can make your way easy. Most of the new teachers thought that low pricing attracts learners.

But, you should not start with a low price. Keep in mind that students look for quality education. Low prices hurt students. Because it doesn’t exactly reflect the value and quality of your service. So offer a competitive price rather than a low price.

Research on Italki or any other platforms like Italki to know better about the charging amount of the teachers. Then cut your prices a little bit low to get the price advantage.

You can also offer some free or trial lessons for your students. The word ‘free’ has a magical power to generate leads to your profile. If you add some quality lessons in your trial session, it will convince the learners.

One other attractive deal is offering some packages for the learners. Never forget to offer some combo packages to attract learners.

Activity On The Platform

If you are available enough on the site, you must be successful. Remember, availability on the platform is great marketing.

You should contribute to the Italki community by answering the student’s questions and solving their problems. You may find your potential students through this activity.

Clear And Concise Class Description

Detail and clear class descriptions are vital for selling your lessons. This helps the learners to know what they are buying. Tell them about what they will learn from the lessons. Also, clear about the application of the lessons.

Focus on the schedule and deadlines of the lessons to help your students organize their time.

Storytelling Practice

It would be best if you taught your students by telling stories. Creative storytelling practice can ensure a better understanding of the students because everyone likes to learn with stories.

Besides, you may try some different settings, excellent audio, good lighting, music, and editing.

Personal Messaging

Personal messaging is also an effective way to reach some potential students. Go to the Italki dashboard and select the student button from the top.

Finally, message the learners with a message offering a package and schedule.

Student Referrals

Asking for references from your satisfied students may work as a ninja technique to reach your new learners. If the students are happy with your teaching, they would like to tell you about it to their friends.

Especially, after reaching a specific goal by learning your lesson, he will recommend you to others. So, let them know that you would like to be recommended by them.

Is Teaching On Italki Worth It?

Italki is one of the best language teaching platforms worldwide. It is a thorn less and secure platform with a heap of free modes to teach your lessons.

To earn some extra money, teaching with Italki may be a worthy consideration. You can work conveniently from home with flexible time. It offers working willingly, setting up your own time, and price.

Is Teaching On Italki Worth It

The employees enjoy teaching in Italki with a handsome salary, work freedom, and a great chance to meet with people around the world.

There are some downsides of Italki including less tutor support, a poor credit system, and dishonest reviews. But, from the customer side, Italki has some great ratings.

People who like to teach others may enjoy teaching with Italki and it is of course worth checking.

Final Verdict

Italki is one of the great platforms for teachings from home. If you enjoy teaching,  Italki will offer you to generate money by teaching your native languages to others. But as a new teacher, you may struggle for a few days to reach out to your students. Our efforts are to help you with how to get more students to Italki.

We hope it will be very helpful for you to get more and more students. We believe we sorted the answer to your question of how to get more students on Italki.

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