How To Reset A Modem Password?

Having a secured password is an integral part of digital life. Some devices might not necessarily need passwords, but others would. And most people will have different passwords for different devices. The modem is one such device in which a password is greatly required. But in case you ever need to change it, you need to know how to reset a modem password.

Having a good password ensures that all your pieces of information are safe and secure. However, if you have just acquired a brand new modem or own an old one, you need a password reset. Sit tight; this article will walk you through why you need a password reset and how you can do it at home all by yourself.

Why Should You Reset Your Modem Password?

Resetting your password would mean that there is an already existing password. You may be doing this because you lost your old password or just got a new modem. But what other reasons can lead to a modem password reset? Let’s take a look.

Why Should You Reset Your Modem Password

New Password Equals to Better Security

A good password will guarantee adequate security for your device. In the case of a new modem, they usually come with default passwords and usernames.

This default username and password will enable the user to log in before making subsequent changes to the modem settings.

But unfortunately, this default setting is almost always very predictable or easily accessible. So, a strong new password for your modem is a must.

Safety From Hackers

These default passwords and usernames are relatively easy to guess or get access to. With such information, hackers will have easy access to your modem. And we all know the kind of damage that hackers could do if they get access to your modem.

Also, in case a random person tries to log into your modem and reset your password, you need to have a strong one. This would automatically log you out of your modem. Such situations are very tricky and very real.

Resetting your modem to its default state will be the only option when such an incident has occurred. This helps prevent hackers from having easy access to your modem. Thus this ensures that all of your information is safe and secure.

What Is My Modem’s Default Password?

Just as established earlier in this article, it is pretty easy to know the default password. Most times,  the default username and password of the modem are found written on the body of the modem.

So to know your default password, you would have to pick up your modem and check the back of the modem for your password.

What Is My Modem's Default Password

Or better still, you could easily guess the password. The default passwords and usernames of most modems are pretty standard. So if a modem password or username name is unknown, there are three combinations to pick from.

  1. Password: password and username: admin
  2. Password: blank and username: admin
  3. Password: admin and username: admin

However, the username or password may not always be written on the modem’s body. If this is the case, maybe the above username and password won’t allow you access to the modem settings. Then you should resort to the manual that came with the modem. All of the information needed about the modem will also be found within the manual.

Suppose there is no manual and no information about the password on the body of the modem. In this case, you should go online and inquire about the password of the brand of modem you use.

How To Reset Modem Password?

Resetting a modem is quite an easy process, and a technician would not be required to get the job done.

Learning how to reset a modem password can come in handy in cases where you would have probably forgotten the exact password you used or misplaced where you wrote the password.

How To Reset Modem Password

Also, if by any chance your modem was hacked or you were logged out of your modem, then you would want to reset your modem password.

Below are the steps that are needed for a password reset:

  • Step 1: To reset your modem password, you have to get an item with a pointed end. Things like a pen, pencil, sim ejection tool, or paperclip will do just fine.
  • Step 2: Look for the reset button and a little hole. You can find this on the modem’s rear.
  • Step 3: Insert the pointed item into the hole and press the reset button. This should take between 8 and 10 seconds.

Pressing the reset button causes all of the previous information to go back to the default setting. This means the previous password will no longer be valid. The password will go back to its default state immediately you turn on your modem.

Note: Only the power light should be on during the process of resetting the modem password.

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How To Change Your Modem Password From The Default Setting

This comes after resetting your modem to its default state. Changing the password from default to a more secure and personalized password is the next thing to do. Some actions are required to change your modem password from its default setting to your preferred password. Some of those steps are listed below;

Determining The IP Address

To Change the modem password from default to a preferred one, you must follow some steps. First, you should know the IP address of the modem you own. Most modem’s IP addresses will have the numbers or, or The IP address is the most crucial factor needed when changing your modem password.

Most of the IP addresses are written at the back of the modem at the same place where you would find the default password and default username. Also, one can get the IP address from the accompanying manual if it is available.

How To Find The Ip Address Using A Computer?

Sometimes, there is no manual, and the IP address is not written at the back of the modem. In this case, you could find it out yourself. You would first have to connect your computer and your modem to do this. Then you would open the command prompt on the computer for a Windows device, and then for a Linux or Mac book, you open the Linux terminal or the Mac terminal.

How To Find The Ip Address Using A Computer

Next, you should type the word IPconfig for Windows and IFconfig for Mac and Linux, then click on enter. A new page will come up. On this new page, you would look for the words “Default gateway .” Besides the phrase default gateway, you will see the IP address displayed.

Changing The Password Of Your Modem

Changing your modem’s password will require the following set of steps.

  1. Open a preferable web browser. A web browser like Google Chrome will do.
  2. When you have opened the web browser, you will input the IP address that you have gotten.
  3. This will take you to a new page. You would input the default username and password on the new page.
  4. After doing that, if the passwords and username are correct, you are then taken to the user setup page.
  5. On the setup page, click on the Administration tab or tool tab.
  6. Go to the management section, enter your new password, and re-enter your password to confirm in the box below.
  7. Click on Save to save your new password, and then you will have your new password.
  8. Write down your new password and keep it safe. Your diary can be a safe place for your password. If you lose the new password, you may have to consider resetting your modem password to its default state again.

Final Note

Learning how to reset a modem password is an easy process. It just takes a little understanding of the concept for a person to carry out the process.

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