How To Set Time On Armitron Pro Sport Watch?

How To Set Time On Armitron Pro Sport Watch

If you’re into sports and fitness, then you’ve heard of the Armitron Pro Sport Watch. The watch is quite popular and a great device for tracking your charting split times and workouts.

The watch carries many analog and digital-style watches. While different models are slightly different, the watches follow the same set of instructions when setting time.

So, how do you set time on Armitron Pro Sports Watch? You can reset time by holding the reset button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep. Then press the Mode button to change hours, minutes, days, and dates. Press on the St/Stp button to change the time value.

Some watch models might have the reset button as Set.

Join me below as I discuss the Armitron Pro Sports Watch, how to set time, add multiple time zones, and change dates on all Armitron sports watches.

Overview OF Armitron Pro Sport Watch

Before I show you how to set time on the Armitron Pro Sport watch, let’s get to understand the watch.

Armitron is a popular watch brand with a wide range of watches. The watches are designed with unique features to help track your workout goals.

Overview OF Armitron Pro Sport Watch

It’s a unique brand that caters to the lower-price markets. They offer different watch models with slightly varying features. However, most of these watches are loaded with robust timekeeping tools.

The watches are usually digital and quartz assuring you of the highest accuracy.

Common Armitron Pro Sport Watch Features

  • Dual time
  • Alarm time
  • Lap time
  • Military time
  • Two-zone LCD display
  • Back light functions
  • Water-resistant
  • day/date function and 24-hour subdials
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • Chronograph
  • 3-second EL delay and fade

Well, these are some of the features you can expect on the Armitron Pro Sports Watch. As I said earlier, the features can slightly vary from one model to another.

However, instructions on how to use and set time are pretty similar on all models. It is a unique design watch with numerous pros. Below are some of the pros


  • Available in a wide range of options
  • Features some of the best lively designs
  • Robust timekeeping tools
  • Affordable prices
  • Water-resistant


  • Quality can be a hit and miss as prices are for the lower-end market
  • Vulnerable to scrapes

Overall, the Armitron Pro Sport Watches are a popular choice in the market. The brand was created in 1975 and has since produced high-quality watches.

The Company is headquartered in New York and remains the official timepiece of the New York Yankees.

It’s a unique brand that embodies the spirit of individuality. The brand makes watches that are bold and durable. It is a decent watch that brings style and performance to sports.

How To Set Time On Armitron Pro Sport Watch?

Now that you know what an Armitron Pro Sports watch is all about, let’s see how you can set a time.

When you get the watch for the first time, you’ll have to set a time. The same is needed when you’re changing time zones.

How To Set Time On Armitron Pro Sport Watch

You can also read the same on the Armitron Sports Watch Manual. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Identify Buttons

First, you need to identify the buttons on the watch. These buttons are what you’ll use to set time.

There are usually four buttons on the watch.

  1. The Reset button (A) is on the top left button. Also called the Set button in some models
  2. The Start/Stop (St/Stp) button (D) is located on the top right
  3. The Mode button (B) on the bottom left
  4. The C button on the bottom right that activates lights

Make sure you know all the four buttons and can locate them on the watch with ease.

2. Hold the Reset button (A)

Next, go ahead and hold on to the reset button for at least 3 seconds, until you hear a beep. You’ll see numbers on the screen blinking. This means the time has been reset and you can now set the time.

3. Press the Mode button (B)

Go ahead and press the mode button to access the hour setup. The mode button allows you to change the time between hours, minutes, days, and dates.

Important: The mode button does not change time. Instead, it displays the hour time, meaning you can now change the time. This can be seen by the hour time blinking.

4. Press on ST/STP button (D) to adjust the time

The Start and Stop buttons are what allow you to adjust the time. Each time you press the St.Stp button, hours or minutes increase by one. This will keep going until you reach 12 before it starts from 1 again.

The same applies to minutes. Each press increases the time by 1 minute until you reach 60 before it starts again.

You need to keep on pressing until you reach the correct time. Changing time starts by changing the hours. Once you change the hours to the right time, press Reset to move to minutes.

5. Press the Reset button

Once you’re done resetting the time, press the reset button to lock in all the changes. You can then check your time over the day to make sure the changes worked.

Setting the time on the Armitron Pro Sport watch is pretty simple if you follow the steps above. However, be keen on the label of the buttons. For example, in some watch models, the St/Stp button is labeled as the adj button.

How To Add Multiple Time Zones On Armitron Pro Sport Watch

Sometimes you just want to know times in different zones. If you need to add multiple time zones on the Armitron Pro Sport watch, follow the steps below.

Add Multiple Time Zones On Armitron Pro Sport Watch

  • Press the mode button 3 times to enter a second-time zone
  • Press the reset button. This will have the hour icon flashing
  • Press the St/Stp to change hours to the different zone
  • Once the hours are set, press the Mode button again. This locks in the hours set
  • Next, the minute icon will start flashing allowing you to change the minutes
  • Press the St/Stp button to set the minutes
  • Once the minutes are set, press the Reset button to lock in the minutes
  • Finish off by pressing the Mode button to return to your main time zone

How To Change Date On Armitron All Sport Watch

The last thing you need to know is how to change the date on the Armitron Pro Sports watch. Now that you know all the buttons, setting the date on the Armitron watch is pretty simple.

Press the Reset button and the date will blink on the screen. Next, move on the St/Stp button and press them as you adjust the date.

Once you’ve set the date, press the reset button to lock it before resetting the month. Again, use the St/Stp button to move to the right month before pressing the Reset button to lock in the changes.

You can move a step further and set the day of the week by following the same process. Finish off by pressing the Mode button to exit the settings.


Well, that’s it from me! Having an Armitron Pro Sports watch is a great way to monitor your workout and fitness goals. The watch offers some of the best timekeeping features you’ll ever need.

However, you’ll need to know how to set the time and date. Setting time and date is quite easy when you know the different buttons and how to use them. Follow the steps above and easily change the time, and date and set multiple time zones.

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