Top 5 Free Education Software For Kids

Nowadays, five free education software for kids can help kids and parents to learn open-source education. Most people are now using the internet. Kids are also waste a few hours sitting on the front of a laptop or PC. In this case, if you have some education software on your PC, you can keep your kids engage on it to learn more. With the help of this software, you can make the environment of your home suitable to educate your child without some other educational materials. Now it gets popularity among the parents and kids.

Five Free Education Software For Kids

Among a lot of options, I have found out the top 5 education software for kids as the best options. The lists and short descriptions are at the below:

#1. Tux Paint

Tux Paint is a free computer software that is suitable for kids learning ages from 3 to 12. However, this program won an award. With the help of this program, your kids can learn painting and draw faster in a natural way. The interface of this app is easy to use for the child. Learning drawing will be fun with this program to the kids. You can download this application from

#2. Math Games for kids

Math Games for Kids Grades 1 to 5 is a fantastic software for the younger. It contains several stimulating games on Math as fun. So, the player can choose one among the options. However, this education software can be a great one to learn curves and basic math. The official website of this program is

#3. GeoGebra Classic 5

GeoGebra Classic 5 is another mathematics software for the kids. Different mathematics branches are available in this app, such as arithmetic, geometry, calculus, algebra, etc. This program makes math learning easier with fun for the kids. If a student uses this app, he can be able to solve mathematical problems visually in a format. Besides, you can connect the math areas easily with GeoGebra. Download this game from the website

#4. Portable Scratch

Portable Scratch is another science-related education software for younger. After publishing this app, a lot of people download it. This program is most popular in India, Austria, and the UAE. Besides, it supports many languages. So, you can download and give it to your child to learn the first step of programming. The official website of this program is

#5. ClassDojo

You can consider ClassDojo as a virtual classroom. This software is so amazing that it allows a kid and his parents and teachers to get connected themselves. Thus, students can easily communicate with each other or their teachers if they face any learning problem. Besides, the parents can present in this software to watch the progress of their child. You can download it from


All these five education software for kids provide great feelings to the child to learn more. You can easily download them from the official websites and engage your kids on them to learn drawing, music, math, and many other branches of education. It will help your child to have a good base with advanced and basic learning. Besides, they will not be bored because they will learn with fun.

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