10 Best Privacy Browsers To Protect Your Privacy While Browsing

As we spend much time on the internet and use different browsers, it is important to have a browser with proper security. In this case, you should try to use one of the 10 best privacy browsers for your browsing purposes. It helps to keep your data secure. Our data is a valuable thing. Somebody can try to get your data to do something unusual in the form of cookies or some software. Besides, you can get ads from the third party. So, browsing anything on a browser is sometimes becomes risky. Here, the best solution is a well-secured browser. However, here we are with the information on the best privacy browsers.

10 Best Privacy Browsers

Among various options, we make a list of 10 best privacy browsers. You may be benefitted from it to finding the best one for your safe internet browsing. These browsers can minimize the risk of data scraping. Besides, they have the added security to keep your data and location private.

1. Mozilla Firefox

Most of the internet browsers are familiar with Mozilla Firefox. This software is developed by Mozilla, which is a non-profit organization. People like it for its good customization ability. However, the newest version of this browser also comes with privacy-oriented features. You may notice that your Mozilla Firefox does not take updates frequently. But there is a timeframe of update. Besides, Mozilla provides the best security against malware, bad websites, ads. You will get a warning before entering an unsafe website with the Mozilla browser. So, nowadays, Firefox becomes the best alternative to some other browsers.

2. Brave

Brave is a newer browsing software developed by Brendan Eich, who is also the father of Javascript. This one is a great privacy-oriented browser. However, when you browse on Brave, it will protect your browsing from the blocks and ads. Besides, the servers of this browser do not save the data of the browser. Besides, there are options for customizing privacy on the browser. Moreover, you can see the list of blocks and trackers every day.

3. Tor Browser

Tor is also a well-ranked browser among the best 10 privacy browsers. However, this software was developed in 2002. Firefox is the base of this project. Tor is a great browser that allows browsing the internet anonymously. Tor network masks your activity and privacy and keeps your privacy safe. The updating system of the Tor browser is good. However, Tor is mostly known for its security. If you go through Tor on the internet, no one can track your activities and encrypt your data.

4. Epic

Epic is a unique kind of privacy browser that is difficult to make the rating. The only lack of this browser is its difficult usability. You can use this browser is an extreme privacy browser. However, the best thing about this browser is that the privacy settings options are allowed by default. Besides, it sends the message request “Do Not Track” to the ads, cookies, and data tracking system of the websites.

5. Apple Safari

Apple Safari web browser is another popular browser. But in the case of privacy competition, it is better than some other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. Some features of Safari are amazing for secure online browsing. The anti-fingerprint protection feature of this browser is great for protecting your data from ads and trackers.

6. Google Chrome or Chromium

The open-source Google Chrome is known as Chromium. It is a popular browser among the people of the world. This open-source version provides more security among Google Products. You can update it within 14-21 days when it comes. Updating software is very much important in the case of security and privacy. Though Chromium is the unfinished browser of Google Chrome, it provides more security than the original version. It prevents malware, ads, and tracking. In the case of privacy, it is better to use WebRTC Leak Prevent as the add-on to your browser.

7. Opera

Hakon Wium Lie develops Opera. Now it is using as one of the best privacy browsers in the world. However, this software has some security features that keep browsing safe from fraud, ads, and malware. Like the Chrome browser, Opera has the default protection for your data that anyone cannot see it. Besides, you can customize the privacy settings.

8. Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer is also a popular browser for computer users. It had a great time before few years when Chrome and Firefox were not available. But now people do not want to use Internet explorer. As Microsoft Edge is a new one from the manufacturer, you will not get updates of Internet Explorer. So, it is now clear that Microsoft does not give any priority to Internet Explorer. You can consider Microsoft Internet Explorer as the good one among the other less secure software. However, you will get alerts when you visit the malicious website. Besides, it has an adjustable security system that alerts the users and provides better online protection. It also has the ability to block ads and malware.

9. Waterfox

Waterfox is one of the popular browsers among the people who like to keep an alternative browser. It provides all the facilities of a 64-bit Windows on 32-bit one. If you use Waterfox, you can say that it is better in the case of privacy than Mozilla Firefox. Besides, it removes some features of Firefox and adds some additional features. You will not get the update of this software like Firefox.

10. FreeNet

FreeNet is another browser that offers good privacy protection. It has the software for confident data protection. You can remind the Tor browser that has the mode like it. Besides, you can use FreeNet as the software to share secret files. It divides the file into the small parts and then stores it on various network nodes of FreeNet. Moreover, it supports the OpenNet connection.


These 10 best privacy browsers are the options in front of you to select the suitable one for your everyday browsing. Keep yourself safe from unwanted malware and tracking. So, choosing the best privacy browser is essential to keep our data and net browsing safe.

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