10 Games Which You Can Play On Leisure Time #Highly Compressed

Want to pass leisure time with some highly compressed PC games?  Then the article below is for you! Load your PC with highly compressed players. It’s much more effective because it’s highly compressed PC games with less file size but the same performance as the original. We offer a lot of games that are low by size and free to download.

The games we are listing below that’s has also highly compressed edition. Were you sick of your old rusty machine, which is unable to play any PC games? Looking for pc games under 500 MB super highly compressed to play on your PC? If “YES” is your reaction, this post should help you a lot. We have you!

10 Games Which You Can Play On Leisure Time

Here are some of the best ten computer games that you can play with just 500MB:

#1. Drift Force

“Drift energy” is the ultimate solution to your love for racing games. You will drive differently in the drift force to push your way to the top.

This game comes under 500 MB of the most successful pc racing games, and you’ll be damned once you start playing it.

#2. War Wind 2: Human Onslaught

At first, this one looks sick and gross, but believe me; you won’t get this kind of game on the internet anywhere.

#3. Gone Home

This is, without doubt, for you if you’re a high IQ guy. Since you can investigate crime cases and solve an amusing incident. Why don’t you look at the fantastic 500 MB graphics you get.

#4. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

Because you can’t run the new shooter games on your Mac, this is the ultimate solution for your needs. When you look at the size of the game(440 MB), the visuals are too incredible and mindblowing.

Rainbow Six is a great way to play!

#5. Spiderman 2000

Who doesn’t trust Spiderman? Well, I’m doing it, at least. I used to play this game endlessly for hours in my youth. This Spiderman has the most beautiful visuals for a game size of 464 MB, and with the spider-sense, you can move one to another.

#6. Sim City 3000

Love to build things? Enter Sim City 3000, and In Sim City 3000, you can create a whole world on your own. You can build houses, workplaces, tall skyscrapers, and take advantage of them and do other things. Think about how funny it would be.

#7. Sniper: Path Of Vengeance

As the game name suggests, Sniper: Road of Revenge features gameplay where you can shoot down opponents in just one shot with your long badass sniper rifle. Graphic performance is highest in size range, and you’re going to love playing too.

#8. Half-Life 2

Semi-life 2. You must have heard beforehand about this game. Believe me or not, this one work is far beyond the era. It’s an old game, but from the day, it has visuals. It runs smoothly on any form of device and also operates without any worries and connection to the internet.

#9. Truck & Trailer

After all these games of combat, firing, and gory, let me represent you as the world’s best truck parking and driving player. Where you can drive the truck in obstacles and play new challenges to pass the test.

#10. WWE Smackdown

Who is not acquainted with the WWE? Everybody loves to watch the beasts fighting. You can be one of the favourite stars in WWE smackdown, and you can battle anyone you want. Who is your favourite WWE star?

Generally speaking, PC games come in large size, but games are condensed to render it on a small scale by using some tool, or by using a specific technology. These are the best Games Which You Can Play On Leisure Time.


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