Best Chatting Apps For PC Operating Systems Like Windows And Mac

Nowadays, chatting apps are top-rated among all types of people. If you want to use these apps on your PC, the list of best-chatting apps for PC can help you much. Besides, most of the apps are suitable for both mobile and PC.

So, you can use such types of apps that are capable of both your Smartphone and computer. It will help you to do chat anytime and anywhere.

Best Chatting Apps For PC

From a lot of apps, I have found the best chatting apps for PC. Let’s know about them.


Though Facebook is now accessible, WhatsApp remains the best popular chatting app in the world. You will find that it is now using more than 1.5 billion people monthly. The straightforward user interface, easy chatting, makes it more popular. You need to use a phone number to create a WhatsApp account. You can send messages to a single person or can create a group to chat multiple. Besides, you can share photos, emojis, voice, and many more with this application on your PC. Not only text, but you can also make a voice or video call with WhatsApp. So, as a great communication platform, you can try it on your PC and Android device.


I think Skype is the best chatting app for a computer. Most of the PC users have Skype on their computer to make chat and connect to their dear and near ones. Besides, people use it for their business purposes. Windows 10 PC comes with installed Skype. But now Microsoft scopes it and makes it as the windows based app. Besides PC, you can install a Skype app on your Smartphone. By this, you can communicate with others when you are not at the front of the PC. It does not allow users to make an emergency call.


Viber is another platform for chatting. But it is not an instant chatting app. However, this application offers computer users a lot of features and services. If you have an account of Viber, you can then use Viber. Creating a Viber account is very easy. With this one, you can see your buddy list. Who are now online and who is offline is visible with Viber. After selecting anyone from your contact list, you can send a text to him.


You can use IMO as one of the best video chatting apps. It allows you to talk quickly on your computer with your friends and family. Other apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Imo is now getting popularity for its video chat. You can use IMO in Windows 10, 7, 8, and others. It would help if you had an Android emulator to use this application.


Those four best chatting apps for PC are practically the best options. To ensure this, you can try all of them on your PC. Some of them need BlueStacks to use them efficiently. Find out the best one that provides you the best chatting experience.

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