Top 10 Free Open Source HRM Software

Free Open Source HRM software can help a business person to control and manage the employees effectively. However, human resources is a term that affects your business is not so easy to control, like some other resources. Nowadays, to help people, there are different types of Open Source Human Resource software. Some are available at a reasonable price, and some are high at a price. But as a new one and want some experience of using this type of software, you can find out the best one among some free options. And then use it to collect the data and activities of your employees to have control.

What is open source HRM software?

Open Source HRM software is the tool that allows business owners to control and see the human resource process of their business. However, this computerized software provides some features such as payroll, training for recruitment, data analysis, performance, benefits, and a lot. So, to understand the value and condition of the human resource of a company, the owners try this type of software. Before the age of the computer and the internet, people do those works manually, which was very hard.

You may find many types of HR tools and software. Every type contains specific works. And the function of this tool brings the features.

10 Free Open Source HRM software

Though you will find many programs on Human Resource Management, I make a list of ten Free Open Source HRM software for you. It helps you to identify the right one and learn how to use it properly.

1. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 is free for the user. This human resource management software is an excellent choice for a new one. You can customize this system. However, in this system, you will find more than 25 HR tools like private networks, shared calendars, employee portal, absence chart, resume storage, workload planning, project management, document management, and many more. It is for all types of businesses.

2. CangarooHR

For small business control, you can try CangarooHR, which is an online system for human resource management. You can use the free version or can pay for it. This online software has several HR tools to manage your business. The tools include data management for employees, support tasks, time off for employees, etc. It helps you to manage human resource more efficiently. Besides, this software is easy to maintain and is suitable for any kind of business.

3. OrangeHRM

This HR solution is right for the mid type and small businesses. Generally, it has two versions, such as cloud one and the open-source version. However, you can enjoy the open source OrangeHRM for free. And it will give you the essential features such as leaves document for employees, employee records, performance, compliance management, and some other functionalities.

4. Zenefits

Zenefits is one of the best and popular open-source HR software for any type of business. Though it has a paid version, you can use Zenefits core for free. This software has tools such as self-service of the employee, PTO, payroll, vacation tracking, and many more. However, this software is a full-featured one for free. As a cool and clean HR tool, you can try it.

5. IceHrm

It is human management software for small and middle-size businesses. The build quality of this software is so good that it makes it easily customized. It provides a lot of features such as employee management information, employee skills, excel reports, time tracking, gathers all data of the employees without knocking them, and so on.

6. Odoo

Odoo is a complete and standard type of open-source software that provides all to you for your business control. This software gives you all things, and the main app includes a lot of options. The options are Website Builder, CRM, Project Management, and some others. So, to enjoy a unique app for your business management for free, you can try Odoo.

7. Open Source ERP

Open Source ERP is a web-based human resource management software. However, this software offers the user many useful features such as system administration, active directory, customer management, delivery management, time recording for work, time planning, warehouse management, etc. You can use this one for different purposes.

8. SimpleHRM

It is another open-source human resource control system. With this software, you can easily manage the works of the employee, such as collect information on leave, benefit, expense management, workforce analysis tools, tracking time of the employee. Besides, you will feel that you are now controlling your business without any paper and pen. Highly configurability, effortless control, reminder alert, etc. makes the system a popular one to the users.

9. WaypointHR

WaypointHR is a cloud-based human resource management software suitable for all types of businesses from small to large. With the help of this software, you can easily manage your personnel and employee information and analysis by creating and updating the records. This software offers the ability to edit the files of your employees. Besides, you can track the work of the employee.

10. Jorani

This application is a free open source of human resource management. The business owner can make everyday workflow and collect the data from the employee. It allows you to keep the controlled management on your employees, such as personal information of employees, work documents, leave, skills, progress, etc. A small and medium type of business owner can try this app for free.

It is hard work for a company or a businessman to control and analyze the human resource management system. So, to make their job easier, open-source human resource HRM software is available. As a beginner, it is better to try a suitable one without purchasing. Among those 10, I think you can choose easily the best one and improve your business. To determine the best one, you should take care of the features, business type, purposes, and functionality of the software. Then if you fit with anyone, you can later try the paid version.

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