How To Change Unifi Wifi Password On Different Routers?

Having a strong password on your wireless router is essential to prevent hacking, no matter whether you have Unifi internet service or another ISP. Although Unifi offers advanced firewall protection, setting a password on your wireless router helps to protect your valuable data.

Unfortunately, a few internet users know how to change Unifi WiFi password with wireless routers. If you’re also one of them and don’t know: how to change Unifi WiFi Password, no need to be concerned – changing the Unifi Wi-Fi password is super easy with the right method.

To do this, you will need to first access your wireless router’s configuration interface using the login credentials. Under the “Wireless,” “Wireless Security,” or “WLAN option,” you have to input a new password on the “Wi-Fi password” or “Key” box. Once you set the password, tap “Save” or “Apply,” and the password will change immediately.

For in-depth guidelines, keep reading the entire context.

How Does Unifi Work With Wireless Routers?

Unifi is a prominent internet service provider that offers internet service to its customers through phone lines, fiber optic cables, and coaxial cables. Users can use this network directly using the cable to the supported devices.

It is also possible to set up a wireless router with the coming cable connection. However, a wireless router is mandatory to set up if Unifi has any dedicated wireless internet tower in your area.

Once you set up a wireless router, it will receive signals from the wireless tower or cables and transmit the signal to your coverage area. In that case, the wireless router will strengthen the received signals to reach your desired areas.

How To Change Unifi Wi-Fi Password On Wireless Router?

Unfortunately, not all routers are compatible with Unifi. If you have a router that comes with Unifi mode or supports VLAN tagging like TP-link or Netis, you can use Unifi network as well as change the Wi-Fi password.

How To Change Unifi Wifi Password

For your convenience, here we have illustrated how to change Unifi WiFi password on TP-Link, Netis routers, and Unifi controllers.

Method 1: Change Unifi Wi-Fi Password On TP-Link Router

To change The Unifi Wi-Fi password on your TP-Link router, you will have to go through a simple procedure, as discussed below.

Step 1: Open any web browser on your device and visit the TP-Link IP address (192.1683.0.1) or: from the address bar. However, ensure your device is connected to the TP-Link network wirelessly.

go tplink official website

Step 2: Now type the router’s login username and password (by default TP-Link username: admin and password: admin) and tap on the “Log In” button.

tap on the “Log In” button

Step 3: Once you’re inside the router’s main interface, click on “Wireless” on the left-side menu bar, just below the “Network” option. Then, choose “Wireless Security” under the sub-menu of “Wireless.”

choose “Wireless Security” under the sub-menu of “Wireless.”

Step 4: Now enter your new Unifi Wi-Fi password beside the “Wireless Password” box and tap on the “Save” button, scrolling a little bit.

enter your new Unifi Wi-Fi password

If you’re still confused about how to change Unifi Wi-Fi password on TP-Link router, check out the video:

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Method 2: Change Unifi Wi-Fi Password On Netis Router

Like TP-Link wireless routers, changing Unifi Wi-Fi password is quite similar to Netis wireless routers. Here you will also follow some simple steps, as pointed out below.

Step 1: Visit from your device connected to the Unifi network wirelessly through the Netis router.


Step 2: Log in to the Netis router using username and password (by default username: guest and password: guest), if required. Once you’re in, you will see the main configuration interface of your router.

Step 3: Now, tap on “Wireless” from the left-side menu and choose “Wireless Security” under the “Wireless” segment.

choose “Wireless Security” under the sub-menu of “Wireless.”

Step 4: At this stage, you have to enter a new password for your Unifi Wi-Fi on the box beside the “Password,” as shown in the picture below.

enter a new password for your Unifi Wi-Fi on the box beside the “Password,”

Step 5: Once you are done, tap on the “Save” button, and the router will automatically restart immediately to apply the changes.

tap on the “Save” button

Here is a complete video tutorial on how to change Unifi WiFi password on Netis router:

Method 3: Change Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi Password On Unifi Controller

If you’re using Unifi Network through the Unifi controller, you can also change the Wi-Fi password. You will just need to go through a simple procedure, as we have shown below.

Step 1: First, open the Unifi network software on your device and log in with the username and password.

open the Unifi network software

Step 2: Once you’re inside the Unifi controller main interface, tap on the settings icon at the left-side icon bar.

tap on the settings icon

Step 3: Choose “Wireless Networks” from the show pop-up menu bar and tap on “Edit” on your current Wi-Fi network.

Choose “Wireless Networks” from the show pop-up menu bar

Step 4: Now write your new Unifi Wi-Fi password on the box beside the “Security Key” option.

write new Unifi Wi-Fi password on the box beside the “Security Key” option

Step 5: Finally, tap the “Save” button to apply your new Unifi Wi-Fi password.

tap the “Save” button

Here is a detailed video guideline on how to change Ubiquiti Unifi WiFi Password On Unifi Controller:

How To Change Unifi Self-Care Password?

Unifi network comes with a self-care feature where you can see data usage information along with bill payment history. To access self-care, you will need to log in with valid credentials. So, you can also change the self-care password if you want. In that case, you will just have to follow the steps below.

How To Change Unifi Self-Care Password

  • Visit using any web browser and tap on the profile icon once you’re inside.
  • Then, click on the “Edit” link, just under the “Personal Details” menu, and you will see two boxes to enter the new password.
  • Now, input your new password on the shown boxes and tap on “Change” to apply the changes.

Tips To Create A Strong Password For Unifi Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi password is vulnerable to hacking, thus stealing your valuable online data. You may not want this to happen to you. For that, it is better to create a strong password for your Wi-Fi so that no one can easily hack or guess.

Tips To Create A Strong Password For Unifi Wi-Fi

Here we have shared some effective tricks for creating strong passwords for your Unifi Wi-Fi.

  • Keep your Wi-Fi password at least 8 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Create a mnemonic word for your Wi-Fi password that can be easily remembered by you but is difficult for others.
  • Avoid using common words related to your personal information, like your name, birthdate, pet name, etc.
  • Don’t keep the password you recycled earlier, and the password shouldn’t be used in multiple places.

Why Do You Need To Change Your Unifi Wi-Fi Password?

Changing your Unifi Wi-Fi password is very important to get a secure internet connection. Apart from security, there are several advantages you will get by changing your Wi-Fi password frequently.

Below we have discussed some advantages that will help you understand why you should change your Unifi Wi-Fi password.

Reduce Your Internet Bill

If anyone guesses or steals your Unifi Wi-Fi password, your internet connection can be used without authorization. In that case, it won’t cause any data-related problems if you have an unlimited data plan.

But if you have a limited data plan, unknowingly using your internet will cost more money on your internet bill. So, if you change your Unifi Wi-Fi password, no one can connect to your Wi-Fi with the previous password, resulting in a lower internet bill.

Faster Your Internet Speed

Using your bandwidth without your permission can slow down your Unifi internet connection. This will usually happen when multiple devices are connected to your Unifi network through the wireless router.

In fact, your neighbor can use your internet connection without your permission, causing slower internet speed.

In that case, if you change the Wi-Fi password, previously connected devices will be disconnected automatically from your router and resist connecting to your network again. Hence, you will get the maximum speed from the Unifi network.

Prevent Hacking Your Data

Being connected to multiple devices on Wi-Fi is the prime reason for hacking. This mainly happens if you have an easy Wi-Fi password that anyone can guess, causing your important online data to be hacked.

Robert Schifreen, a former hacker of the company Cyberware, said, “A person connected to your wireless means your everything is connected to him/her.” In that case, changing the Wi-Fi password will help prevent hackers from connecting to your Wi-Fi network.


Here we will get some questions with answers commonly asked about changing the Unifi password. If you have any inquiries, check this segment; you may get your desired answer here.

How Often Should I Change My Unifi Password?

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), changing your Wi-Fi password every three months is good enough, even if there is no indication that the password is ineffective or compromised.

Where Will I Find My Wireless Router’s Default Username And Password?

Wireless routers’ default usernames and passwords are usually printed in backside of the router. Besides, you will also get your router’s login credentials on the manual that come with the router’s package.

What To Do If I Forget My Unifi Wi-Fi And Router’s Login Password?

If you forget both your Unifi Wi-Fi password and the router’s login password, you have to reset the router. To do this, you have to press the reset button on your router for around 2 seconds until the indicator light blinks together.

Once the router factory reset, you can log in to the configuration interface using your router’s default username and password and set a new Wi-Fi password.


Hopefully, you now have a complete idea of how to change Unifi WiFi password, after reading the above guideline. In general, for changing your Unifi Wi-Fi password, you will have to first navigate your router’s configuration page.

From the configuration page, you can easily change your Unifi Wi-Fi password by following your router’s interface. However, while changing the Wi-Fi password, ensure keeping a strong password.

In that case, you can consider the tips discussed above to create a strong password. Creating a strong password will help you to prevent hacking your online data as well as using your internet connection without your permission.

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