Can You Setup a Netgear Router Setup Without Modem?

Netgear Router Setup Without Modem

Netgear Router is the best router for home and small businesses. Today, many people use the Internet for different purposes like business, learning, home, and other areas. Almost all people in the world avail internet service. However, how do you go about Netgear router setup without modem?

It looks almost impossible, but you can easily set up your Netgear router with an ethernet cable without using any modem. This method is lifesaving if you do not have a modem or the one you use got damaged.

So, on this page, you will learn the simple way to set up your Netgear router without your modem.

Can You Setup A Netgear Router Without a Modem?

Yes, you can set up a Netgear router without a modem. A modem connects you to the internet provider to access the world wide web. A wireless router allows devices such as computers and phones to connect to the Internet through the modem.

Netgear Router Setup Without Modem

While setting up a Netgear router without a modem is possible, you still need to connect your computer to the router directly to complete the process. However, configuring your newly purchased Netgear router can be completed in roughly 15-20 minutes with a web browser and web-based setup software.

But for you to connect or set up your router, you need an ethernet cable, and the process will be discussed below.

Netgear Router Setup Without Modem: How to Setup?

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on “How to set up the Netgear Router without modem? Then keep reading.

Step-by-step process of setting up your Netgear router without modem.

1st step:

You need to get the power cord out of the router before you can do anything. The primary reason is to ensure that there is no power supply to the router. Also, if there is any backup battery you are using in your router, you need to temporarily remove the battery.

2nd step:

You need to use your ethernet cable to set up the router, and the best you can use is the Cat5 ethernet cable. You will use it to connect to the Netgear router port.

Second step

3rd step:

You need to make available another cable that you will use to connect your Netgear router LAN port to the operating system.

Third step

4th step:

Now that you have to re-insert the backup battery you removed if you do that in the first place. You need to get it back into the device. Once you have done that, you should confirm if it is rightly positioned or not. The best way to confirm is when the lights become stable.

5th step:

You need to reconnect the Netgear router. Once you do that, you need to wait till the light turns green.

Fifth step

6th step:

Open your chrome or any browser you wish to use—type in the IP address of your Netgear router. For example, you can use, or you use

Sixth step

The address will take you to your router homepage, and there you get to input your username and password.

7th Step:

You should log in with your details, and if you find it hard to log in for any reason, you should try to reset the device to its default settings.

8th step:

If you have got no need to reset and you were able to log in, you just need to go to advanced, where you will see the setup wizard. You will see the internet connection type, and then you can choose one and connect to the internet.

Eight step


If you need a guide on how to go about your Netgear router setup without modem, you should read the information on this page. You have all you need to know with the steps to set up your router. In addition, if you find it quite technical, you can call the router customer support for assistance.

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