How To Recover A Clash Royale Account With Facebook?

How To Recover Clash Royale Account With Facebook

Since the release of Clash Royale on the 2nd of March, 2016, the video game has made quite a name for itself. Many Android and iOS phone users are turning to the game for a wonderful leisure experience. However, most times, due to unforeseen circumstances, one might lose access to their account, and there is a need to recover it.

Fortunately, the Clash Royale game provides several options where one can save the progress of the game, so players don’t have to lose their accounts. With Facebook as one recovery means, therefore one must know how to recover a clash Royale account with Facebook?

Recovering a Clash Royale account with Facebook is pretty easy. It is possible to recover the account within only three minutes. To do this, one has to log in to the Clash Royale app using the initial Facebook account that was used to launch the game.

Below are the processes on how to recover the clash Royale Account with Facebook. Read on!

Key Takeaways:

  • One can restore their Clash Royale account through Facebook.
  • To recover one’s through Facebook, the account must be linked to the Facebook social media account.
  • It is also possible to recover a Clash Royale account using Game center, Google play, and Supercell ID.
  • On average, it takes 24 to 48 hours to receive a response from the Supercell team.
  • Clash Royale game is available for Android and iOS users.

Can Facebook Restore My Clash Royale Account?

Restoring a Clash Royale account is possible with Facebook. Although, it depends on how the gaming account is created from the beginning. When creating a Clash Royale account, there are a few options that the game will request one to create an account. The game requests a Facebook account, Game Center, Google Play Games, and Supercell ID. To restore an account using Facebook in the future, one has to create a profile in the game using a Facebook account.

Can Facebook Restore My Clash Royale Account

The Facebook account and several other accounts can be new or already existing accounts. The accounts serve as a cloud to save progress in the game, upgrades, and several other changes in one’s clan. What’s more, it is also possible to share one’s progress and experience of the game on social media platforms with different other gamers. However, it is crucial to know that when one gives a Facebook account access to the game, the account can modify the game.

Regardless of all the benefits of these storage clouds, the most vital is their convenience. Social media accounts make it easy for gamers to switch between devices. This means that one can easily log in to their Clash Royale profile having access to the game’s account and all the upgrades one got in the past.

When Is It Possible To Recover A Clash Royale Account?

The truth is that it is not always possible to recover a Clash Royale account. Therefore, one must bear this in mind before proceeding to try and recover their account. Clash Royale, like every other game, needs a cloud to save progress, and access to this cloud is what determines if one can recover an account or not.

With that said, one must note that it is possible to restore a Clash Royale account only if it’s linked to another account that serves as cloud storage. The Clash Royale game provides cloud gaming save options like Facebook account, Google play store, Game center, and Supercell ID. Depending on the kind of game, there might be several other options to save one’s gaming progress.

The process is pretty easy, although it depends on how one lost access to the account in the first place. If the account was hacked, one might find it difficult to recover the account. It’s best to contact the game’s developers- SuperCell. The process is demanding, and there are a series of questions waiting for the user of the account to answer.

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How To Recover Clash Royale Account With Facebook?

Losing access to a Clash Royale account can be pretty frustrating. However, be happy to know that the steps on how to recover a Clash Royale account with Facebook are straightforward. One doesn’t have to forfeit their progress in the game and start all over. As mentioned earlier, one has to make sure the account is linked to a Facebook account for this to be successful. The steps to recovering a Clash Royale account with Facebook are:

How To Recover Clash Royale Account With Facebook

  • To commence, open the Clash Royale game; it is crucial to do this
  • using a new account. After creating the account, select the gear icon on the top right of the screen. This icon gives access to several options in the game.
  • Among the display options are boxes where one can decide to connect and restore data from an old account. In this case, the account to use is Facebook, so select it. It is also possible to link the game’s data to other accounts if one decides. But of course, the data has to be linked to the choice of selection from the onset.
  • After selecting the Facebook option and inputting all the details, the game will open ‘logging in’. One can have access to former data in the game and continue making history among other players in the Clash Royale game.

There is a different way to go about recovering a Clash Royale account with Facebook. It involves contacting the Supercell team for assistance. The only concern is that it costs more time compared to the method above. On average, it takes a day or two for the team to settle these sorts of problems. The steps to contact them are:

  • Firstly, open the game with a new account. This account is necessary to report the problems of data loss in the game.
  • On the main screen of the game, select ‘assistance help’. Afterward, there will be an option for ‘my account’; tap on it. This is more like a shortcut to get hold of the support center of the game.
  • After selecting the ‘my account’ option, there will be a drop-down menu. Select ‘I lost my account’. There will be a provision to contact the team and narrate the situation. It is crucial to note that there will be several questions about the loss of the account. So one must be ready with answers. For instance, the team might ask for the time one lost the account, the day it was created, and the username of the Facebook account it was linked to.

If all these steps are unsuccessful and one can’t recover their Clash Royale account, it means one thing. The Facebook account has no link to the game in any way. One might have to try other options, and if it yields the same result, the data is lost. At this point, one has to start building a profile in the game from the beginning.


Lost the data for a Clash Royale account? It happens to most. One must know how to recover a Clash Royale account with Facebook today to recover previous game data. The process is pretty simple, and one can get their accounts back in a few minutes. However, it depends on how one created the account initially. This guide illustrates the things to look out for.

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